Our exclusive engagement ring brands and designers

The bridal range at Ernest Jones includes the prestige and luxurious diamond brands, Vera Wang LOVE, The Diamond Story, Arctic Light, Leo Diamond, Tolkowsky, Neil Lane and Le Vian®. Each of these brands offers a unique take on beautiful engagement rings.

What are the best engagement ring brands?

Each of the engagement ring brands available bring a signature style to the classic ring. All offer stunning rings, so it's worth browsing the collections to find the perfect one to suit your or your partner's style. Here's a look at our top engagement ring designers.

Vera Wang LOVE

Vera Wang's designs have been a staple of the bridal fashion scene since the earlier 90s, and the Vera Wang LOVE collection features stunning engagement rings that are fit for any bride-to-be. The designs are inspired by Wang's illustrious history and reputation as a wedding dress and accessory design expert. The range features feminine, modern designs, with dramatic and eye-catching diamond settings. There are also beautiful pieces with signature sapphires, exclusive to Ernest Jones, which offer an alternative take on the classic engagement ring.

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The Diamond Story

Follow your diamond's individual journey with a diamond ring from The Diamond Story.

Your The Diamond Story diamond ring will come with a birth certificate that shows your diamond in its pure form. The diamond's country of origin is written on the certificate, giving you added confidence and trust, with details of how your diamond has been ethically and responsibly sourced.

The precise cut of your diamond is mapped from the rough stone using state-of-the-art 3D mapping, showcasing the amount of precision and technical expertise it takes for your diamond to be cut. The names of the craftsmen and designers that made your ring are also included on the birth certificate, giving your diamond a personal, handcrafted touch.

After several stages of precise cutting and polishing, the finished stone is carefully set into your ring, made with the unique knowledge of what it took for the diamond to reach you and your partner on one of the most important days of your life: the proposal day.

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Arctic Light Canadian Diamonds

Discover exceptional colourless Canadian diamonds from Arctic Light, exclusively at Ernest Jones. Only pure CanadaMark™ certified and IGI certified diamonds from the most pristine place on Earth are used to make exquisite diamond engagement rings and jewellery.

Born in Canada's Northwest Territories, where awe-inspiring beauty of untamed wilderness and pristine waters watch over diamonds that were formed here deep in the earth more than a billion years ago, Arctic Light diamonds are 100% trackable from the mine to the stunning finished product.

CanadaMark™ ensures that Arctic Light diamonds are natural, authentic and originate from a sustainable source – giving you the confidence and trust to love your new diamond with all your heart. Each diamond is inscribed with the CanadaMark™ seal, a promise that each Arctic Light diamond is:

  • Responsibly mined in Canada's Northwest Territories
  • Sustainable to the environment and northern people
  • Completely natural and free from treatments
  • Polished to meet strict quality standards

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Ernest Jones Diamond Collection

Find an exquisite range of diamond rings and diamond jewellery in the Ernest Jones Diamond Collection. Handpicked by our diamond experts to showcase the highest quality diamonds across a variety of price ranges, perfect for gifting or to pop the question.

At Ernest Jones, we are passionate about love and the unforgettable moments that matter most to you. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or simply to celebrate your own achievements, the Ernest Jones Diamond Collection has the perfect piece of jewellery for every occasion.

Starting with an inspired concept, each piece is sketched and formed with love and precision to make a truly exquisite and authentic design. These designs are then expertly crafted to come to life as timeless diamonds to be treasured for a lifetime.

Ranging from delicate diamonds to decadent 1.5 carat solitaire diamond rings, this collection spans the breadth of the diamond jewellery world. Always responsibly sourced and of the highest quality, you can be confident that your new diamond will shine forever.

De Beer Certified Diamonds

As part of this gorgeous array of diamonds, the Ernest Jones Diamond Collection presents a range of diamond rings certified by the world-renowned De Beers Group. This ensures the diamonds in this collection have a clear, consistent colour and are of I2 clarity, making them some of the most sought-after diamonds in the world.

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Leo Diamond

Captivating, breathtaking and desired by women everywhere, the Leo Diamond forms the stunning centrepiece of an exquisite collection of engagement rings that are available only at Ernest Jones. The Leo Diamond was developed by Leo Schachter, Master Diamondtaires, in 1995. A modern development modifying a brilliant cut stone with additional facets that have been strategically placed to reflect the maximum amount of light. The Leo's innovative 66 facet design and placement of additional facets make the Leo Diamond visibly brighter. Each Leo Diamond is appraised and certificated by IGI an independent Gem Laboratory and by Gemex to measure the superior return of light, brilliance and sparkle that brings the stone to life.

With a range of solitaire, three stone and five stone rings, eternity rings and wedding rings, the Ernest Jones Leo Diamond collection has a ring to suit every taste, style and occasion. And, for a little extra, secret style, every Leo diamond solitaire ring has a brilliant round diamond hidden inside the band. Like no other diamond purchase, the Leo Diamond is steeped in tradition and elegance.

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With a range of diamond engagement rings combining tradition, heritage and excellence, the Tolkowsky name has been associated with fine diamonds for seven generations with 200 years of diamond heritage. Through inherited diamond cutting skills, research and passion Marcel Tolkowsky created in 1919 the Tolkowsky ideal cut diamond.

The Tolkowsky diamond is a traditional 57 facet brilliant cut diamond that has been cut to perfect symmetry and proportions and displays the hearts and arrows optical effect associated with this perfection. Marcel Tolkowsky's ideal cut remains the bench mark for the diamond industry to this day.

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Neil Lane

Neil Lane is Hollywood's premier jewellery designer, and a champion of vintage jewels. One look and it is easy to see why his rings are worn by Hollywood's biggest stars. His jewellery designs are uniquely beautiful, celebrating Hollywood's glamorous past and your remarkable future. The Neil Lane collection features world-renowned, original hand-crafted works of art that are a direct reflection of Neil Lane, both as a celebrated designer, and respected curator of important jewels. His newest endeavour, Neil Lane Bridal, available at Ernest Jones, makes his vintage inspired yet contemporary in style jewellery designs accessible to consumers across the UK.

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Le Vian®

Le Vian® diamonds have been worn by royalty since the 15th century and are now a favourite with celebrities on the red carpet. Le Vian's mastery of gem cutting maximises the brilliance of each gemstone and brings it to its full potential. Le Vian® rings set themselves apart from other engagement rings because they are renowned for their unique chocolate diamonds and strawberry gold, often complemented with rare and exquisite gemstones such as blueberry tanzanite and raspberry rhodalite.

If you think you might like your engagement ring to be dripping with delectable diamonds then exploring the unusual engagement ring collection by Le Vian® is the perfect place to search. After all, only Le Vian® creates jewellery with chocolate diamonds.

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