A Guide to Engagement Ring Styles

It might not be easy trying to decide your engagement ring style. But checking your current jewellery for your preferred metal colour and finding out whether your style is more classic than contemporary is a great way to start.

If you are buying for your partner, it might be worthwhile discreetly searching through their current jewellery. Engagement rings come in a near endless choice of styles and designs, so it's important to find something they'll love.

Make a note of which metals they prefer such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Your partner's jewellery collection will hold a lot of secrets that will help you to develop a picture of the perfect ring. Ask yourself whether you think they would prefer an engagement ring that is lavish and contemporary, classic and timeless, vintage inspired or something more unusual and distinctive.

Here's our guide to the different engagement ring styles available, to help make your decision that bit easier.

Engagement ring style guide

What are the different engagement ring styles?

There are several different types of engagement ring, ranging in popularity. Here are the engagement ring stone styles available:

Solitaire engagement rings

The most popular choice, a solitaire engagement ring consists of a slim band with a single centre stone. A diamond solitaire engagement ring is a classic style that never dates.

Halo engagement rings

Halo engagement rings feature a centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating an indulgent and contemporary look.

Cluster engagement rings

A cluster engagement ring features a collection of numerous diamonds which can craft a lavish and striking look.

Trilogy or three-stone engagement ring

Engagement rings with three stones, sometimes known as trilogy engagement rings, carry a triple meaning; each stone represents past, present and future.

Side stone engagement rings

Side stone engagement rings feature a main centre stone, with smaller stones either side, adding extra sparkle to the simple yet elegant solitaire.

At Ernest Jones we have a vast collection of different engagement rings that vary in style from refined and classic like a diamond solitaire ring to more lavish and contemporary such as a statement diamond halo cluster ring.

Engagement ring metals

Engagement rings are also available in a range of different metal options. For a more traditional choice, particularly if your (or your partner's) jewellery collection consists mainly of yellow metals, a yellow gold engagement ring is a great choice.

A more contemporary choice for an engagement is white gold. This is a timeless metal that looks great alone, or when mixed with other metal and gold colours. As an alternative to white gold, a platinum engagement ring can offer a similar appearance, but the metal's robust properties make it more durable.

A rising trend in recent years has been rose gold, so perhaps a rose gold diamond engagement ring would make a great choice.

Check out our guide to engagement ring metals for more information on choosing the right option.

Engagement ring stone styles

As well as the setting and the metal, you should also consider your loved one's preferred stone style – will their perfect ring have lots of diamonds or would they prefer coloured gemstones? Would they prefer a lavish and elaborate style or something small and minimal in design?

An engagement ring doesn't necessarily have to be a diamond. Here are some popular engagement ring stones to choose from:

Diamond engagement rings

By far the most popular choice, the diamond engagement ring is a timeless classic.

Sapphire engagement rings

For those who prefer a splash of colour, a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring is a wonderful way to make a statement. The stone is thought to represent faithfulness and sincerity.

Morganite engagement rings

Morganite engagement rings have exploded in popularity in recent years as a diamond alternative. The pale pink stone makes for a wonderful engagement ring, especially when paired with a rose gold band.

Aquamarine engagement rings

The pale blue hue of aquamarine is another popular choice, offering a subtler alternative to the boldness of sapphire.

Topaz engagement rings

Whether complemented by traditional diamonds or left to sparkle alone, a topaz engagement ring is another brilliant blue stone that adds interest.

Ruby engagement rings

A regal red is a sure sign of love, and ruby engagement rings are a stunning way to show it. Beautiful when combined with yellow or white gold, a ruby is an eye-catching stone that also represents energy and passion.

Emerald engagement rings

Emerald is another sought-after option for modern day engagement rings. The bold green stone is thought to represent successful love, making it a perfect token of appreciation when it comes to popping the question.

Amethyst engagement rings

Amethyst is said to symbolise purity and spirituality, and has grown in popularity as an engagement ring stone over the last few years. Its distinctive purple colour makes it a standout option for a magical proposal.

Other uncommon engagement ring stones

If you want something truly rare, there are engagement rings available with just about any precious and semi-precious stone you can think of, including:

  • Agate
  • Amber
  • Citrine
  • Garnet
  • Opal
  • Quartz
  • Tanzanite

Get the perfect fit with a bridal set

If you want to ensure that two of the most important pieces of jewellery she will ever own sit perfectly together, then a beautiful bridal set would make a great choice.

In recent years bridal sets have been steadily growing in popularity, with many brides choosing to have a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band. At Ernest Jones, we have an extensive bridal set collection with different styles and diamond cuts which effortlessly complement each other.