The Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Gifting Guide

The ups and downs, laughter and the tears, achievements and the setbacks; they've been with you through it all. Your wedding anniversary is the perfect moment to show your other half what it means to have them by your side, through it all. Here you can discover the perfect gift to do just that.


Whether you’re celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary or your 50th, the sentiment is the same: honouring your past, present and future together. Your wedding anniversary should be a celebration of the life you’ve built together, your accomplishments both separately and together, and the memories made along the way. And there are some landmark anniversaries where the perfect gift can help you do just that.  

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What are the Main Wedding Anniversaries?

Of course, all wedding anniversaries should be commemorated and celebrated, but there are some big ones along the way when people tend to look to more extravagant ways to mark the occasion – whether that’s a world cruise on a luxury cruise ship or a stunning piece of fine jewellery that will be treasured forever. Let’s look at the big wedding anniversaries and the perfect presents to remind them of the moment you said, ‘I do’.

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10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When you think of a decade spent together it seems like a lifetime, doesn’t it? But when you consider others who have been together for 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years, there’s still a long road to travel together. This is perhaps why the tenth wedding anniversary is symbolised by aluminium. Aluminium is durable and resilient, and these are both hallmarks of a strong marriage. Show how much thought you have put into your 10th wedding anniversary gift with a watch featuring an aluminium strap. It’s worth noting that the 11th wedding anniversary is symbolised by steel, and you’ll never be short of finding the perfect watch with a steel strap either. A gorgeous watch will never miss the mark, regardless of which wedding anniversary you’re celebrating.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

By your fifteenth year together you’ve probably experienced many highs and lows. You may have welcomed children to the world, renovated your first home together, and travelled the world. You feel strong and committed to one another, but your marriage is still relatively young and needs to be nurtured to keep it strong. Much like crystal which is the symbol of the fifteenth wedding anniversary.

Crystals are stunning and they give off a diamond-like sparkle, but they’re more fragile, so they need to be taken care of. A beautiful piece of crystal jewellery to mark this wedding anniversary will make a thoughtful gift that’ll sparkle throughout your future years together.    

Silver eternity rings

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Silver is the most malleable of the precious metals. This perhaps symbolises that by your 25th wedding anniversary, you’re still growing and moulding to fit into a life that’s busy with family and work commitments, whilst still making time for one another. Silver can bend and change as time goes on, and it needs care to keep it in perfect order. Much like a marriage. Giving silver jewellery on this significant wedding anniversary is a beautiful gesture. Pick something special and it’ll be treasured forever and passed through the generations. Opt for a statement silver necklace or earrings for her, or choose a unique piece of men’s sliver jewellery that perfectly complements his taste and style. 

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Natural pearls are a rare find, this is perhaps the reason they symbolise the 30th wedding anniversary. The celebration of a 30th wedding anniversary is a rare thing, especially in today’s society.

There’s a Chinese proverb that states: Pearls lie not on the seashore. If thou desirest one thou must dive for it.

This perfectly sums up a long marriage and commitment to one another. It won’t always be easy, there may be distractions or temptations along the way, but you know to reach the true and rare gem of a marriage that stands the test of time, you need to dive deep into the commitment and stay on the right path. Marking a 30th wedding anniversary with pearl jewellery is a wonderful way to symbolise your commitment to a long and happy life together.

Diamond jewellery

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The deep red hue, the strength and durability, the beauty of a ruby. Your 40th wedding anniversary is a momentous occasion, and we can think of no better stone to symbolise your love.

Rubies are said to possess an internal inner flame which symbolises that passion for one another can still be strong after 40 years of marriage. Of course, this passion mightn’t be as it was in your twenties, but love is so much deeper than that.

Your ruby wedding anniversary isn’t an occasion that should pass by without doing something special. Whether you have a party with family and friends or you quietly mark the occasion together at home, find the perfect ruby jewellery to let your other half know your feelings are just as strong now as on your big day all those years ago.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Show you have a heart of gold on this very special anniversary with the gift of gold jewellery. A golden wedding anniversary is a truly remarkable achievement. Life throws many challenges at you both individually and as a couple, and to come through that and reach the 50th year together is certainly something to be celebrated. Whether you’re looking for something to congratulate your parents on this special milestone, or you’re shopping for your spouse, the perfect gold bracelet or earrings, a delicate gold necklace or perhaps a beautiful gold diamond eternity ring is the perfect way to mark the occasion. Gold is the perfect metal to have engraved with a meaningful message too, so consider a personalised engraved gift for the very special golden wedding anniversary. Book an appointment with us to talk about personalisation of your new or existing jewellery.

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55th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The regal emerald is said to represent eternity and commitment. It’s perhaps no surprise then, that the emerald is the stone that symbolises the 55th year of marriage. As with many of the precious gems we have touched upon, they’re a rare find. Emeralds are actually formed from the mineral beryl, but the vibrant green colour is what makes emerald jewellery so special and eye-catching.

Give the gift of a rare emerald eternity ring or a beautiful emerald necklace on this accomplished anniversary. Celebrate your love story 55 years on from your vows and show your spouse how much you appreciate the many years you’ve depended on one another so far.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you’re celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary, you’ve no doubt had your share of trials and tribulations over the decades. Sixty years on the same path as each other, seeing friends come and go, career highs and lows and being a strength and stay for your wider family is certainly something to be honoured. And to do so, is there anything more fine or precious than diamond jewellery?

The diamond is the strongest mineral on Earth, and it’s safe to say that after 60 years with one another, your marriage is probably stronger than ever. If you’re celebrating the Diamond Wedding Anniversary of a beloved couple, the gift of diamonds is not only thoughtful but will also be something they can pass on to their loved ones and through future generations. Whether it’s a stunning diamond eternity ring or a pair of precious diamond earrings, this is a gift that’ll last a lifetime.


65th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Like a tree forming roots, when you reach the 65th year in your love story your lives are so entwined it’s probably hard to know where you end, and they begin. Your family look to you as a symbol of strength and your marriage is a beacon of hope for all young couples starting their journey together. The regal sapphire is the gem that symbolises the 65th year of marriage. This beautiful gemstone is said to bring fortune and good blessings, it’s also believed to protect from infidelity and represent the ability to make wise choices. So we can see why it has been given the honour of representing 65 years of solidarity together in your marriage. Gifting a stunning sapphire ring or necklace on this remarkable wedding anniversary will show your commitment to a lifetime together, through ups and downs, tiffs and laughter. Life isn’t perfect, but sapphire jewellery is the perfect gift for your spouse of 65 years.

70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We’ve reached the final milestone in our list of anniversaries by year: the 70th wedding anniversary. It might not dazzle like a diamond or catch the eye like an emerald, but you can depend on platinum to last a lifetime. Platinum is extremely durable and strong, and it can withstand great stress. We can’t think of a better metal to represent the remarkable feat that is 70 years of marriage. Platinum jewellery is very popular due to its resilience and longevity, it’s also a firm favourite for those shopping for wedding rings and engagement rings.

A 70th wedding anniversary is incredibly rare, the sad reason being that people marry later in life these days and most of us won’t live long enough to celebrate this momentous anniversary. The late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip made it to an incredible 73 years before Philip passed in April 2021.

So whilst a seventy year marriage might seem unachievable, knowing you have chosen the most durable of the precious metals to wear for the rest of your life will give you peace of mind when you stand at the alter.

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What are the Best Anniversary Gifts?

Anniversary jewellery is the gift that gives for a lifetime, and of course, it won’t perish like flowers or chocolates. If you’re celebrating one of the anniversaries listed above, researching the relative anniversary gemstones or metals will show you’ve put a lot of thought into your gift. To simplify we have listed them below:

Anniversary Metals

  1. 10th Anniversary – Aluminium
  2. 11th Anniversary – Steel
  3. 19th Anniversary – Bronze
  4. 25th Anniversary – Silver
  5. 50th Anniversary – Gold
  6. 70th Anniversary – Platinum

Anniversary Gemstones

  1. 15 Anniversary – Crystal
  2. 30th Anniversary – Pearl
  3. 40th Anniversary – Ruby
  4. 45th Anniversary – Sapphire
  5. 55th Anniversary – Emerald
  6. 60th Anniversary – Diamond

We hope our anniversary gift guide has given you some insight into discovering the perfect anniversary present for your other half. If you’re still stumped, or you want to pick out a beautiful piece of jewellery in person, why not visit your local store or book an appointment with our jewellery experts who’ll be more than happy to help you make their anniversary dreams come true.

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