Wedding Jewellery: What Bride Are You?

Authentically you. For your wedding. And engagement. Our wedding jewellery guide takes you from engagement ring to the finishing touch of sparkle on the big day, and how to wear each piece. Read on to discover your bridal style, and the engagement ring that matches perfectly.


Bridal jewellery – A delicate detail, the finishing touch, and the all-important sparkle. When thinking about your jewellery for the big day, there's a few things to consider: the dress, the theme and of course personal style. It’s all about the look you want to carry out on the day.

With wedding season approaching, we’ve pulled together our best bridal jewellery styling tips. From classic, glamorous, minimalist, vintage or bohemian– find out which bridal look is perfect for you on your big day.

A style guide: wedding jewellery

You’ve picked your dress, now to find the perfect jewellery. So, where should you start? Much like your hair and make-up look, bridal jewellery has a lot to do with the neckline of your gown. For example, a high neck dress may not need a necklace at all. Just a pair of diamond studs. Whereas a strapless dress or low neckline, would pair perfectly with striking chandelier earrings and a delicate chain. The Ernest Jones bridal experts recommend trying different metal colours and stones with the dress. This is to make sure the jewellery complements the style of the gown and the bride’s skin tone.

Remember: there’re a few metal colours to think about (not just gold and silver). Some brides might like the warm hue of rose gold or the cooler tones of platinum.

When it comes to stones, always think about the chosen colour scheme. If you’re doing pinks? Peach moganite or rubies would work wonderfully. Or if you’re going with a blue scheme, then it’s all about the matching topaz and complimentary amethysts. You could even incorporate birthstones into your look for a personal touch.

The main goal when styling bridal jewellery is to create an elegant and cohesive look that enhances (not overwhelms) the bride's beauty.

Ernest Jones Image of rings on hand
Ernest Jones

What type of bride are you?

There are several looks to explore when it comes to accessorising for the big day. We’ve broken these down by style so you can discover what bridal jewellery suits you best.


Timeless and elegant. Classic is all about simple, understated jewellery with traditional features like diamonds and pearls. These are the pieces that can be worn for a lifetime, making them the ultimate investment for a bride's jewellery collection.

A ring that works perfectly for the classic bride is a solitaire. Classic, minimalistic, and simply stunning. 


These pieces take inspiration from the fashion archives. Think Art Deco or Victorian periods, as they’ll often feature more intricate designs and unique gemstones. Vintage-inspired jewellery can add a touch of nostalgia and charm to a bride's overall look.

For the vintage inspired bride? Think the cluster style. Lots of diamonds arranged beautifully in all different formations. 


Think free-spirited and natural: feathers, shells and gemstones in earthy tones. Mother nature is your best friend, this style is perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding.

A ring that works perfectly for the bohemian bride is the Diamond Story 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond ring.

Image of solitaire engagement ring
Image of Vera Wang engagement ring


It’s all about the sparkle. Think big, bold and look-at-me diamonds. If your wedding is a formal, black-tie affair, then this style is perfect for that.

The ring for the glamorous bride? Anything Vera Wang. Trust us. 


Simple, modern and understated. Think delicate designs, minimal embellishments, and clean lines. This style is perfect for those who love a modern look. Plus, it suits every theme.

A ring that works perfectly for the minimalistic bride would be a simple, but classic, solitaire diamond ring. Choose between white gold, yellow gold or platinum. 


Made to be bold and eye-catching, statement bridal jewellery is designed to grab everyone’s attention. Think chandelier earrings or chunky necklaces. This style adds drama to a bride's overall look.

A ring that works perfectly for the statement bride is the 18ct White Gold 1ct Diamond Princess Eternity band.

Image of 18ct White Gold 1ct Diamond Channel Eternity Band
Image of The Diamond Story 18ct Yellow Gold 0.50ct Total Diamond Ring
Image of solitaire diamond ring

The finishing touches

Most importantly, the style of bridal jewellery you choose depends entirely on your own personal style, the theme of the wedding, and the overall look of the day.

It’s all intertwined, and each element should complement the next. After all, it’s a celebration of your love story.

If you want a helping hand with choosing an engagement ring, for yourself or your partner, or need some advice on your bridal jewellery, book an instore or online appointment with our experts.