11th Wedding Anniversary

On the 11th wedding anniversary the traditional gift given to celebrate the occasion is steel. Steel is valued for its durability and its strength.

Steel is a mixture of iron and carbon making it virtually resistant to corrosion and damage. This strength and resilience links the beliefs that the love the couple shares will never fade. Under certain conditions steel can be molded into different shapes, steel is therefore also representative of the need for flexibility and compromise which after 11 years of marriage the couple have learnt to do well.

At Ernest Jones, we offer a wide range of Stainless steel jewellery which would make a perfect gift for the 11th wedding anniversary. Our range includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets so you are sure to find something to treat your partner with.

Another option for a steel anniversary gift would be a stainless steel watch. At Ernest Jones our extensive range of watches include some of the most iconic watch brands and stainless steel is a material used by many to make luxurious watches for both men and women.


Another option for the 11th wedding anniversary is fashion jewellery as this is the modern gift choice. Ernest Jones has a huge range of beautiful fashion jewellery to choose from.

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