Find the perfect leather gift to celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary at Ernest Jones

Third Wedding Anniversary

Leather is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for the third wedding anniversary. Leather is a durable and resilient material which is supposed to represent the strength of marriage. After three years of marriage the married couple can fully realise the stability and strength of their growing relationship.

If you like to keep to tradition and want to get your partner a leather wedding anniversary gift we have a wide range of options available to you at Ernest Jones.

Hugo Boss and Ted Baker leather gifts from Ernest Jones

At Ernest Jones, we are a leading watch specialist and we pride ourselves on our range of watches from the world's most iconic and leading brands, many of our watches have leather straps and would be an excellent gift for a third wedding anniversary.

Ernest Jones also has a range of leather jewellery for both men and women. Our leather jewellery for women comes from fashionable brands such as Michael Kors and Olivia Burton while our men's leather jewellery comes from the hugely popular Emporio Armani and Fossil brands.

We also offer a range of other leather products at Ernest Jones, from stylish wallets, phone and tablet accessories, to jewellery boxes. There is sure to be something your partner will love. By choosing from our leather products your gift will represent the strength of your love and your marriage.

The modern gift for the third wedding anniversary is crystal or glass. Crystal or glass are symbolic of clarity and transparency and are an indication of how well the couple know each other. After three years of marriage, the wedded couple will know each other inside out making crystal or glass the perfect gift.

At Ernest Jones, we have a large range of crystal products that would make lovely gifts for a third wedding anniversary. Many of our crystal products come from the hugely popular Swarovski brand and include jewellery, pens and cufflinks.