60th Wedding Anniversary

Known as the diamond wedding anniversary, both the traditional and modern gifts for the 60th wedding anniversary are diamonds.

A diamond is formed over billions of years in the earth. Giving a diamond gift for the 60th wedding anniversary compares the extraordinary journey of a diamond to the journey of the couple.

Diamond gifts are steeped in symbolism with the word also coming from the Greek word "adamas," which translates to untameable and enduring. Similarly, a marriage that has lasted for 60 years is seen to be as valuable and as enduring as a diamond.

At Ernest Jones we have a huge range of beautiful and luxurious diamond jewellery for all occasions including bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Diamond jewellery will always be an important purchase and an emotional investment. That's why we have put together a useful diamond buyer's guide to help you make the right choices in your quest to find the perfect piece of diamond jewellery to celebrate your 60th anniversary.


A diamond eternity ring is often given from husband to wife as an extra special gift for the diamond wedding anniversary - a celebration of the 60 years already spent happily married and a reminder that the years to come will be filled with undying love. At Ernest Jones, we offer a wide selection of eternity rings to choose from with a style to suit every taste.

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