Gifts with Timeless Beauty: 5 Jewellery Ideas for Mother's Day

Our Mother’s Day gift guide: A curated collection of the 5 jewellery gift ideas they'll treasure forever. Because only the best will do for the mother figure that deserves to be showered in golden glamour (and diamonds). After all, there’s no love like a mother’s love and there’s no gift, more personal than jewellery.


A mother’s love: unconditional, unwavering and a safe haven when you need it most.

Whoever you think of when we say Mum – your grandmother, an aunty, a sister or even a friend, there’s no denying that that person is pretty special.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the quintessential time to show that you appreciate all that the mother figure does for you. With International Women’s Day on the 8th March too, there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate inspirational women and the role they play this month: whether that’s creating a better world for all of us or creating memories you’ll treasure forever.

The most personal gift? Jewellery.

It’s art. The colour, cut, carat and the crystal clarity of diamonds. The facets aligned by craftspeople. But when they trace their finger over a gold band, feel the weight of a chain, glance at the timepiece that’s been passed down through generations, they know jewellery is so much more than an art and a craft. Jewellery is made to mark life’s most special moments.

Like an 18ct hug on their wrist, an eternity ring to mark forever, or a necklace that sits close to their chest – get Mum a gift they’ll treasure, and adorn, beyond Mother’s Day.

We’ve made the ultimate gift guide that caters to every Mum. We know that they are all different. Some like sparkle, some like striking silver and some go for decadent gold. Our Mother’s Day gift guide is sectioned into categories: Gold, silver, diamonds, watches and eternity rings. To make it easier to find the gift that’ll make them melt this Mother’s Day.

To Mum, from You. With a little help from the experts at Ernest Jones.

Best Watches for Mother’s Day Gifting​

Trace your finger over a leather strap, the smooth face and feel the weight of a mesh bracelet. A watch tells more than the time, it tells a story.

And it’s undeniably one of the most luxurious gifts one can receive. More than a gesture, it’s a gift they’ll wear day-in, day-out and a reminder of the special moment or occasion they unboxed their new companion.

This Mother’s Day, and year, mixed metal timepieces with a vintage inspired aesthetic will be making waves. Think: striking silver juxtaposed against warm gold, square faces and diamond hour markers.

Longine’s Diamond Two Colour Watch is nothing short of a spectacle. Crafted for the everyday, designed to be the dressy-all-rounder. The round face is small (ish), measuring 26mm and is a glamourous gold tone. It’s classic design and subtle features make it the perfect timepiece for the busy Mum who always looks put together. For a bolder timepiece, we recommend Raymond Weil’s Toccata watch. It’s also a two-tone piece but with a dramatic rectangular face and a pure mother-of-pearl dial.

If Mum is a fan of rose gold, look no further than BOSS’s Bracelet Watch. Crafted from stainless steel in a romantic rose gold tone – it’s refined, feminine and made to last for wear after wear (after wear).

Diamond Ring

Rings for Mother’s Day Gifts

The ultimate emblem of love is undeniably a ring. A symbol of promise, these are our special rings made for the ‘Thanks Mum’, moments. `

Today, the meaning behind the eternity ring has transcended. They’re not just gifted to mark anniversaries or to celebrate a marriage of five, fifteen or fifty years. Eternity rings are for all of life’s special moments: birthdays, friend-anniversaries, job promotions, graduation and of course, Mother’s Day. Like an everyday reminder of that moment, or the love between the pair. From the Origin by Ernest Jones Collection, choose an exclusive eternity ring made with fully traceable natural diamonds in recycled metals. We know it’ll catch Mum’s eye and (diamond) smile.

Remember: Decorative rings aren’t crafted solely for engagement rings. We think Mum will love our Round Cut Solitaire Ring from our Half Price Half Carat Collection, it's crafted from white gold with a sparkling 0.50ct in the centre.

Gold Necklaces

Silver Jewellery Gifts for Mother’s Day

Layers of delicate sterling silver, sculptural shapes and stark white gold – it’s time to embrace Mum’s silver side. Or maybe they’ve always sided with silver. It’s classic and contemporary all at once. From chunky chains to dainty jewellery sets – we’ve got silver jewellery they’ll wear time and time again from only £75. And long after Mother’s Day.

For the Mum who may be described as artsy or eclectic? Our Open Ring crafted from luxe silver. Organic in form, this decorative piece makes a statement without being too extravagant. It’s the perfect accompaniment for their evening attire or to add glamour to their everyday look. Also from our Ernest Jones Silver Collection, our Knot Bangle is simple in it design and has a knotted loop which adds interest and a touch of fun. Crafted from sterling silver, Mum can wear it in the shower or the sea.  

Don’t forget – you can get the silver look with platinum and white gold too.  

And if you’re looking for the utmost ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ gift, look no further than an eternity ring. As mentioned earlier, the meaning behind eternity rings has changed. What better way to tell Mum you love them and that you’ll be by each other’s side forever with an eternity ring. Our favourite? A Vera Wang LOVE design made from 18ct white gold.

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Jewellery Gifts for Mother’s Day

Crafted to last a lifetime, our diamond jewellery has been trusted and adorned on big days and beyond. For something that shines as bright as your Mum does, go for the gift of diamond jewellery this Mother’s Day.

When it comes to diamond jewellery, your spoilt for choice (so that you can spoil Mum). We’ve got diamonds embellished on yellow gold, white gold, in earrings, on necklaces and of course, we’ve got diamond rings.

Diamond necklace? Our Diamond Solitaire necklace. Crafted from 9ct white gold, this pendant puts the 0.33ct at centre stage. Worn solo, it’s sensational. When stacked with mixed metals, it’s nothing short of showstopping.

For a more subtle sparkle, we just adore our La Pousette Earrings. They’re a stud design, also made in 9ct white gold with 0.33ct diamond solitaires as the focal point. These are a luxe gift for the type of Mum who likes the finer things in life.

A heart necklace may be the quintessential way of symbolising the unconditional bond between mother-and-daughter or mother-and-son. Not just a sweet sentiment, the Diamond Total Heart Necklace is elegant, simple in it’s design and crafted from luxe 9ct yellow gold.

Gold Bracelets
Gold Necklaces

Yellow Gold Jewellery Gifts for Mother’s Day

Gift them a warm glow with layers of 9ct gold. From textured chains and stacks of hoops to coloured gemstones like black onyx, it looks good with everything.

What better way to spoil your Mum than with the gift of gold. It’s luxurious, regal and a solid way of saying ‘Thanks Mum’. Maybe Mum has always worn gold, or maybe she’s more likely to mix her metals. Whatever the reason, here are the ‘gild them in gold’ jewellery gifts.

If your Mum is into delicate and minimalist jewellery, we think they’ll love a Hearts of Gold necklace. The bracelet? Our Adjustable Twisted Bracelet. At first glance it’s a simple, and sleek, gold band. When you see the bracelet up close your eyes are instantly drawn to the intricate twists of 9ct Yellow Gold spiralling outwards. It’s nothing short of spellbinding.

Our Onyx Signet Ring is for the Mum that likes to make a statement. It’s chunky, glamorous and crafted from 9ct yellow gold. Wear solo or stack with other rings for a bright (and bold) look.

There’re a few things to consider when purchasing jewellery as a gift. From style, to size, to shape – luckily our in store experts are here to help at every step of the way. They know styles, sizes, shapes and gifts. You (and your Mum) are in safe hands at Ernest Jones. Book an in-store appointment in time for Mother’s Day.