Visual Search Tool

New visual search makes it easy to find the jewellery you've been searching for

At Ernest Jones we want to make your journey with us as easy as possible which is why we've introduced visual search shopping. Our visual search tool will provide you with jewellery and watch styles that have been specifically linked to your preferred choice. All you have to do is simply upload an image of a style you love and our tool will do all the hard work for you. An easy way to find the pieces you've been looking for, try it today! SNAP.BROWSE.LOVE Step 1 – Select an image of your preferred style of jewellery or watch and upload it into our visual search tool Step 2- The tool will assess your chosen image for its defining features and search the site for similar results Step 3 – Review your results and refine further if needed!

Visual search shopping in action

Ernest Jones’ visual shopping search has made your browsing easier than ever. If you’ve had your eye on a certain style of jewellery or luxury timepiece recently, just upload a picture of it into our tool and we will do all the hard work for you. The tool will present you with the most similar results to your image, making the journey of purchasing your new item much easier!

Ways to use visual search

Searching for similar styles Found a picture of some jewellery that you know you now need? Upload an image of it into the visual search tool and we’ll find you a similar match. Gifting tips If you know their style but can’t find the perfect gift, simply upload an image of what they like and we’ll find it for you! Added extras Do you already have a piece of jewellery that would look even better with something else to go with it? Upload an image of your jewellery piece and we’ll find the perfect pairing item. Setting your budget When you review your results you can refine them even further and set your budget. This way you can nail down the style and price all in one go.

Here's How You Can Use It

Take a photo of a piece or collection of jewellery, or upload a saved pic into the Visual Search tool.

Step 1

Take a photo of a piece or collection of jewellery, or upload a saved pic into the Visual Search tool.

The tool will look at your image

Step 2

The tool will look at your image's defining features, and then search our site for similar jewellery.


Step 3

You'll instantly see your results. You can then refine to focus exactly on the pieces that you love.

Start your visual search now


Seeking the Similar

Spot a stunning bracelet across the room? Take a snap, and you're on your way to search for your own.


Helping them Gift

Adore your nan's vintage ring? Take a pic, and inform friends on searching visually for gift ideas.


Completing the Look

Need help finding earrings to match your favourite necklace? Use Visual Search to find a perfect pair.


Setting the Price

It's time to find your favourite ring styles and fit your budget, upload a pic & use the price filter.