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How To Shop For An Engagement Ring As A Couple

As well as simply being a gorgeous item of jewellery, an engagement ring is a statement of love and commitment. Discover the advantages of picking an engagement ring together, and take note of all the areas you need to be mindful of in the process.

30 July 2020 Editor - Ernest Jones

An engagement ring is one of the most emotional purchases you’ll ever make, so to say that it's important to pick the right ring is a bit of an understatement! Yet, traditionally, engagement ring shopping has mostly been left to just one person – the groom. However, we’ve seen an emerging trend where couples are choosing to shop for that all-important purchase together. So, what are the advantages of picking an engagement ring together? And are there any potential pitfalls to be mindful of?

Tips for engagement ring shopping together

For some brides-to-be, the romance of a traditional, surprise proposal is something that is deeply cherished. But choosing an engagement ring together doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice romance, and there are a few options for how you can keep that element of surprise. Firstly, you can plan a secret proposal and unexpectedly pop the question, using a temporary ‘proposal’ ring – our Silver Collection range has some beautifully stylish options. Or you could go engagement ring shopping together, but keep the when, where, what and how of the proposal a secret. Another option is to window-shop together and have your partner’s ring finger measured. That way you get a clue as to what they like and the right size, but they don’t know the exact style you’ll be buying. If you’re not sure which option to go for, enlist the help of some close friends to covertly find out whether your partner would prefer a surprise or to be involved in shopping for the ring.

The nitty-gritty

Admittedly not the most romantic of beginnings, but the first thing you should consider is what budget you’re going to work within, not forgetting to explore the range of finance options available to you. With a pragmatic approach, you’ll find your budget will influence rather than restrict your choices. After all, even statement cluster or stunning solitaire rings are available at the lower end of the pricing scale. Once agreed, your budget will help make sure that both of your expectations are aligned and, hopefully, it’ll prevent either of you getting carried away and making impulsive decisions when the shopping starts to get serious.

Choosing a style

With a clear budget in mind, an excellent place to start your search for the perfect engagement ring is online. To discover more detail about the 4 C’s, the different styles of rings to choose from and much more really helpful information and advice, take a look at our Engagement Ring Guide.

You’ll also be able to browse our exclusive collection of engagement rings and bridal sets from some of the world’s leading bridal and jewellery designers, such as Vera Wang, Neil Lane, Tolkowsky and The Diamond Story. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the diversity of options available to you – from elegant, timeless designs to breath-taking contemporary rings and coloured stones to dazzling diamonds. Get a feel for the sort of rings you both like and then combine that with your budget to begin to narrow your options. You might even find yourself inspired to create a ring that’s entirely exclusive to you by using our in-store design service.

One of the main reasons couples are deciding to shop for an engagement ring together is the rather obvious one – it’ll be exactly what your loved one wants – guaranteed. However, we often see couples who come in with their heart set on a particular style, stone or metal, but who change their mind when they try on something they hadn’t thought would suit them. It’s a long-term commitment, so it’s a decision and a choice you really want to get right, and shopping together ensures you do.

Make it an experience

Although buying your engagement ring together is an eminently practical option, you can still turn the experience into a real ‘event’. Book an in-store appointment to amplify the feeling of anticipation and consider arranging a brunch or lunch afterwards to make it feel like more of an occasion.

Whichever way you choose to buy your engagement ring, we would be delighted to play a small role. With accessible finance options and one of the largest ranges of engagement rings, Ernest Jones is proud to bring you exclusive collections from some of the most respected and sought after designers. Browse our collection online, or visit us in-store where one of our experienced staff will be happy to help you find the perfect ring for you.