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How to Secretly Discover Your Partner’s Ring Size

The perfect surprise marriage proposal needs a diamond engagement ring, but what if you don’t know your partner’s ring finger size? Here are some secret methods to help you buy the ideal diamond ring.

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

A marriage proposal is something you will remember for the rest of your lives together. To complete the occasion, you will want the perfect sparkling diamond engagement ring to match your partner’s unique personality. One of the biggest challenges many romantics face is not knowing their loved one’s ring finger size.

8 ways to find out your partner’s ring size

To make sure your secret stays hidden until the opportune moment, here are some clever ways to measure your partner’s ring finger and work with your jeweller to find the perfect fit.

  1. Look through their jewellery box
  2. Take one of their rings to a jeweller
  3. Create a ring sketch
  4. Use a piece of string
  5. Ask friends or family
  6. Take them shopping
  7. Compare your own fingers
  8. Choose a proposal ring instead

1. Look through your partner’s jewellery box

If your partner wears lots of jewellery, they may already have a selection of rings for you to look at. For the closest fit, look for a ring they wear on the ring finger or their right hand, or the middle finger of their left hand. If you can, use a ring sizer tool or a ruler to measure the diameter of the ring. With this information, your jeweller will be able to more closely guess your partner’s ring finger size.

2. Take one of their rings to a jeweller

Try taking one of their favourite rings to a jeweller for sizing. This process can take seconds and is a more accurate way of knowing your partner’s ring size. The challenge is finding a ring they wear often and find comfortable but won’t notice is missing. If you have to secretly take a ring your partner wears on their right hand, remember that our dominant hands tend to be slightly larger. If they are right-handed you will need to size down, and if they are left-handed you may need to size up.

3. Create a quick engagement ring sketch

Another option is to find one of their favourite rings, perhaps one they wear every day and quickly trace its shape onto a piece of paper. You will need to draw along the inside of the ring and the outside, so your jeweller knows the diameter and circumference. Simply take this sketch to your jeweller and they will be able to make a more accurate prediction of your partner’s ring size.

Try and choose a ring that is a similar width to your preferred engagement ring choice. Wider rings fit tighter on the finger than slimmer engagement ring bands, so it is important to have a sense of what diamond engagement rings you prefer before creating your sketch.

4. Use a piece of string

This may be a challenge, but a very useful and accurate way of measuring finger size is with a piece of string. When they are asleep, wrap a small piece of string around their ring finger and use a pen to mark where the ends meet. Simply take this string to a jeweller and discover your partner’s ring finger size. You will need to be very stealthy to pull this one off.

5. Ask their friends for advice

If a friend has recently got engaged or has an engagement ring, encourage them to let your partner try the ring on. From this they will get a sense of whether the ring is too small or too large for your partner and can pass this information along. Perhaps your partner’s family has an heirloom or vintage piece they can try on for size in a subtle way? Getting his or her family involved has the added benefit of making everyone even more excited for your romantic marriage announcement.

6. Shop together for a family gift

If you have a sister, brother, aunt, or grandmother with a birthday coming up, take your partner shopping for the perfect jewellery gift with you. They will be your model for choosing the ideal present, but you will also gain some much-needed information as a result. While you are shopping, ask your partner to point out diamond rings, gemstone rings and precious metal colours that they like. This will help you discover the diamond engagement ring style and engagement ring design features they like the most.

7. Compare with your own fingers

If you are really at a loss, simply try one of their rings on your finger. It may slide down to the knuckle on your little finger and will give your jeweller some information to go by. This method is far from perfect for finding the correct engagement ring size, but it will be better than guessing. Our advice is to always size up… it is typically easier for jewellers when resizing an engagement ring to make it smaller than larger.

8. Choose a proposal ring instead

If your partner has always dreamed of a very specific engagement ring, perhaps a halo diamond engagement ring or a fancy-cut diamond engagement ring, you may want to choose it together at your own pace. This doesn’t mean your proposal can’t be a surprise, however. A proposal ring is often a simpler and more affordable ring that celebrates the moment of your engagement in style, while leaving you free to choose a diamond engagement ring at a later date.

You may be feeling nervous about your surprise marriage proposal plans, but the most important thing is that your partner says ‘Yes’! If your choice of diamond engagement ring or diamond band doesn’t quite fit, your jeweller can help to resize it. After all, it is always the thought and love that counts.

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