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Virtual Appointments: All You Need To Know

While you may be forgiven for thinking that you need to pop into store to receive expertise and technical information, you can rest assured knowing that you can receive all of this without even needing to leave the comfort of your home, thanks to our virtual appointments.

30 June 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

Here at Ernest Jones, we consider it our duty to be with you every step of the way. Whether it’s choosing the perfect engagement ring or a prestige watch, we understand the importance of each momentous purchase, so our experts are on hand to help you. Extending our excellent service beyond the store, you can book a virtual appointment where you can speak to our team of experts on the phone to discuss anything you like about a product or the services we provide.

To help you get an understanding of the types of questions to ask during your virtual appointment, we’ve enlisted the help of two of our very own Ernest Jones’ experts, Jane Ryell and Oliver Rothwell, who provide their tips on what to ask about the items you’re interested in, and how to narrow down your selection, as well as suggestions on keeping your jewellery in sparkling condition.

Jane Ryell: Prestige Watch Connoisseur

Just a few months shy of her 25th anniversary at Ernest Jones, Store Manager Jane, offers a wealth of insight to ensure you’re satisfied with your timepiece. From meeting and greeting customers at the door, to delivering the very best in service virtually, Jane enjoys her role because of how varied every day is. What she loves most especially is creating memories for customers and being part of their celebrations.

There are many different reasons to buy a timepiece and things to consider, so here are some of Jane’s tips and questions to consider during your virtual appointment to help you decide on what you want and to make your experience more purposeful.

What do you want your watch to do?

Though this might initially sound like a silly question, as most customers will reply with “tell the time”, a watch is so much more than that; it is a statement, so this is where we can help you pinpoint exactly what you want from your watch. Do you want a luxury watch to impress or a focus on craftsmanship? Alternatively, are you keen on functionality, such as is the piece waterproof, does it tell you the date and show different time zones etc?

What kind of piece are you looking for?

Are you hoping to complement casual dressing or wanting something classic and timeless that will elevate formal attire? Is there a particular brand you may have in mind, or are you looking for a watch associated with a sport or idol of yours?

Jane recommends that a great start for a luxury watch is a Swiss-crafted model. Tissot has an impressive selection of watches for both ladies and gentlemen at affordable prices, as do Longines. For a balance of superb craftsmanship and value, then look to Tudor.

What watch size should you go for?

Men generally tend to opt for a 38-40 upwards, whereas women start from a 28 upwards depending on the style of the watch, strap and the brand.

What kind of strap should I go for?

As Jane advises, straps are a personal choice; a dress watch with a leather strap is a sophisticated choice for all occasions, while a stainless-steel bracelet is more resistant to water and general wear-and-tear.

The perks of opting for a prestige brand is that they often offer a few straps with your purchase, enabling customers to benefit from two different looks with the same model, which is something we can show you during your virtual appointment.

Do you have a particular watch movement in mind?

An automatic is powered by movement, so is ideal for an active person who would wear it all the time, however, it would need to be reset if it isn’t worn after a prolonged period of time. The benefit of quartz movement is its accuracy and that it doesn’t need to be reset.

Movement is something that our online experts will be more than happy to discuss in greater detail during your virtual appointment, so you’ll be fully in the know by the end of the session.

Oliver Rothwell: Diamond Expert

The proud owner of the title Online Product Consultant, Oliver is well-versed in the subject area of diamonds. Having begun in Ernest Jones career as an apprentice at the Southport branch, he quickly progressed in this role before moving to the Liverpool store.

Considering the most satisfying aspects of his role to be customers and diamonds, Oliver certainly brings this to the fore when encountering customers in-store, as well as through virtual appointments, guaranteeing a truly rewarding and satisfying experience.

Fascinated by how all diamonds are completely unique and the work that goes into transforming a rough stone into a finished article, Oliver offers his know-how on what to look out for and what to ask during your virtual appointment to ensure you find the perfect diamond without having to take a single step outside .

What should you consider when choosing the perfect diamond?

Cut, clarity, carat, shape and price are definitely important attributes that will help you narrow your search and make it easier to find the one.

A certified diamond is a fail-safe choice, especially one of Ernest Jones’ branded diamonds, as these stones tend to have a much better sparkle.

Ultimately, a diamond is unique – just like you – so the diamond you select has to really stand out to you, as it’s a special piece of jewellery that you will, hopefully, wear for life.

How is the best way to select a diamond as a gift?

If your special someone already has certified diamonds, then a new certified piece to add to their existing collection is bound to be appreciated.

Another good recommendation is to find something that will match with pieces they already own, for example, buying a solitaire pendant to pair with a solitaire ring.

How can you make sure your diamond is from an ethical supplier?

You can request to see our diamond sourcing policy. This is the easiest way to verify how diamonds are sourced, and if in doubt, our team of experts will be more than happy to explain it to you during your virtual appointment.

How is best to take care of a diamond?

Always remove any jewellery when performing household chores that involve cleaning products. Chemicals can react with metal and remove rhodium coating, or dull down platinum, rose gold and yellow gold.

A gentle weekly cleaning of rings using a soft brush dipped in a mixture of warm water and soap can help to remove dirt from the surface of the diamond and the band, too. A lot of stores offer a free five-minute ultrasonic cleaning service that utilises ultrasonic waves that target dirt and grime from underneath the diamond, so it can return back to its gleaming best.

How to book your virtual appointment

Whether you want in-depth detail about a model, require a second opinion or require information on jewellery and watch care, we’re here to assist you. Simply select a date and time that suits you from our virtual appointment booking system.

We take great pride in providing exemplary service time and time again, so we hope you enjoy receiving the very best Ernest Jones has to offer in your home.