The Diamond Story Custom Personalised Diamond Engagement Ring

The Diamond Story

Discover The Diamond Story, where each diamond ring is as unique as your own love story.


How much more special would your diamond ring be if you could discover the story of its origin and see its transformation from an untouched raw mineral into an exquisite object of beauty? With The Diamond Story you can do just that, as every ring comes with its own birth certificate that tells the unique story of how your engagement ring was formed, including:

  • The Rough Diamond
  • The Diamond Mapping
  • The Diamond Cutting
  • The Diamond Polishing
  • The Diamond Grading
  • The Diamond Ring Design
  • The Diamond Hand Setting

You’ll see photographs of the precious stone in its original form and of the state-of-the-art 3D technology used to choose the best cut. You’ll even get the names and locations of the craftsmen who expertly cut and polished it, and the designers who created it. The provenance of every The Diamond Story ring is detailed as its remarkable story is told.

The Diamond Story birth certificate includes a breadth of information, starting with a unique diamond reference number, the carat weight and the confirmation of the ring’s metal. Then, the story of your particular ring unfolds. Here is an example of some of the information you’d be given.

The Diamond Story birth certificate

Although each diamond ring is absolutely individual, there is industry standard grading that applies to all diamonds. As part of each ring’s birth certificate, you’ll find an independently certified grading for the main diamond issued by GSI (Gemological Science International). All The Diamond Story rings have a minimum H-I colour and I1 clarity and are available in White, Yellow, Rose Gold and platinum metals. You’ll be able to see the unique details of your diamond’s cut, colour, clarity and carat on your diamond’s birth certificate. See our Diamond Guide for more detailed information of the 4 C’s and what to look out or when selecting your perfect ring.


The final chapter in the telling of any ‘diamond story’ is when it’s been selected as the most perfect of engagement rings, a sign of eternal love and commitment. With over 50 exquisite designs of handset diamonds, the stunning The Diamond Story engagement ring collection features beautiful solitaires, dazzling halo and romantic cluster styles in modern and contemporary designs.