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The Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day

Discover the best way to treat her this Mother's Day with the Ernest Jones guide to Mother's Day gifting; find something she'll truly love.

It’s a safe bet that at one time or another, your mum will have been your nurse, rock, shoulder to cry on, best friend, cheerleader, taxi driver, bank, therapist, and all-round superhero. So, when it comes to who deserves to be top of the 'spoilt rotten' list, she surely has no competition. And that's why, this Mother's Day, we want to help you pull out all the stops.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for your mum, grandmother, wife, or a mum-to-be, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of great Mother’s Day gift ideas. From thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to luxury Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll be sure to find something that she’ll treasure forever.

Make her smile this Mother's Day

After a year where so many of us have been separated from our families, there has never been a better time to make our loved ones feel extra special. And whilst a bouquet of flowers or a box of her favourite chocolates are lovely gestures, the best Mother’s Day gifts tend to be the ones that are a bit more sentimental. Surprising her with something that you’ve put some real care and thought into will not only be guaranteed to make her smile, but it will make this Mother’s Day unforgettable.

That’s why Mother’s Day jewellery and watch gifts are such brilliant Mother's Day presents. Not only are they incredibly meaningful, but they are sentimental keepsakes that will be treasured forever, reminding her of you every time she wears them. We know how important it is to find that perfect piece, so, from the creative to the luxury, here are our top ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

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Thoughtful Mother's Day gifts

Inevitably, great Mother's Day gifts reflect the recipient's personality, hobbies, interests, or the people and things they value in life. Presents with this personal touch will always show the time, care, and attention that went into choosing them.

Whether you are looking for a thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift for a new mum, or something extra special for your own mum, there’s no doubting the sentiment behind a stunning heart pendant or heart earrings. Available in a range of designs and precious metals, from sterling silver to dazzling diamond-encrusted 18ct white gold, they make the perfect present.

With a wide range of styles and combinations to choose from, a beautiful jewellery gift set is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves that stylish, coordinated look. Jewellery sets usually consist of earrings and a matching pendant; however, you will also find sets that contain a bracelet and necklace, and even starter charm bracelet sets. From keenly priced sterling silver designs to shimmering pearls or brilliant diamonds, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to break the bank, and beads and charms give your imagination scope to choose something quite playful, or sentimental, at prices similar to a bouquet of flowers or a fancy box of Belgian chocolates. The Thomas Sabo and Chamilia collections offer a wide range of high-quality charms in striking and unique designs, so you’ll be sure to discover the perfect ‘charming’ gift that resonates with your loved one.

Mother's Day Earrings

Luxury Mother's Day gifts

If you want to push the boat out, we have a truly fabulous array of luxury Mother’s Day gifts for you to contemplate.

According to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl's best friend, and there's no doubt that diamond jewellery makes an extraordinary, luxurious gift that would be cherished forever. At Ernest Jones, you’ll find a stunning collection of Mother’s Day diamond jewellery from some of the world’s most renowned designers, such as Vera Wang, Arctic Light, The Diamond Story and Tolkowsky. With their timeless style and impressive sparkle, tennis bracelets make for a luxurious choice, as do diamond necklaces, elegant earrings and, of course, the iconic diamond ring.

As it’s glanced upon so regularly, another impressive gift would be a Mother’s Day watch. Our extensive range of luxury watches includes the latest timepieces from revered brands such as Omega, Breitling, Chanel, and Cartier. Or you can choose from a wide range of designer watches from top names like BOSS, Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, and Gucci. A watch gift set, which usually comes with a stylish matching bracelet, is another popular choice. Or, if you are shopping for an active and adventurous mum, a smartwatch that allows her to monitor her health, fitness and wellbeing could be just the ticket.

Mother's Day Jewellery

Creative Mother's Day gifts

They say a little creativity goes a long way, and that's particularly true when it comes to Mother's Day gifts that are unique and highly personal.

With their vibrant colours and spiritual meanings, gemstone jewellery gifts are creative and have real wow-factor. For a wonderful, personal touch, why not tailor your gift to match your mum’s birth month or opt for a gemstone with a particular meaning that she’d appreciate - such as emeralds which symbolise protection, love, and wisdom, or morganite that symbolises unconditional love and inner strength. With an impressive range of bright and beautiful gemstone jewellery in the Ernest Jones Gemstone Collection, as well as in the stunning Le Vian collection, you’ll be spoilt for choice. See our handy Gemstone Guide for a full list of which birthstones correspond to each month, as well as their meaning.

Another highly personal gift that is virtually guaranteed to hit the emotional hotspot is a classic locket. Whether it holds a photo of a grandchild, your mum’s wedding day or you and mum together, this creative Mother’s Day gift will be sure to delight.

Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift

We know how important it is to show your loved ones just how special they are, so hopefully this guide has given you all the inspiration you need to help make Mother’s Day perfect this year.

However, if you are looking for a few more ideas, be sure to browse our full range of ladies’ gifts. Or, for a more personal service, why not take advantage of our complimentary virtual or in-store appointment service, where one of our dedicated product experts will be on hand to offer help and advice and to assist you in finding the perfect piece.