building your jewellery collection

Building your jewellery collection

When you are buying jewellery, buy what you love to wear, follow the trends that suit your style and the brands you adore, but also think about longevity and versatility. There are a few jewellery basics that every woman should invest in.

There are some truly classic pieces that never go out of style and are worn by women again and again – these pieces are fantastic for building a foundation of jewellery essentials. With these must-haves you'll always look polished, no matter what the outfit or occasion may be.

Diamond studs

Diamonds go with everything and diamond studs will be perhaps the most adaptable earrings you'll own. They will complement practically anything you pair them with, and the simplicity of studs make them the perfect companion for necklaces or necklines.

Although the beauty of diamond studs lies in their simplicity, there is no reason why you can't let your personal style shine through. Choose from a number of different metals and settings and decide whether you like a single solitaire stone or a cluster of many smaller stones.

Bangles and bracelets

Express your personality and your unique style with bangles or bracelets. You can mix and match bangles to suit your mood, your outfit or the occasion.

One slender bangle can look delicate and sophisticated, while a mixed stack can look cool and edgy – you can honestly never have too many. Choose from a wide variety of styles; mix up the materials and widths in your collection, go for wider, bold cuffs to make a statement, or carefully select a few which complement each other beautifully.

Pendant necklace

A pendant necklace is a delicate, subtle, everyday piece that will look great with whatever you're wearing. Pendants include a dangling charms, lockets or gemstones. The most classic choice would be a diamond solitaire pendant, although there are many styles to choose from.

Consider a pendant necklace which has special significance to you by including a birthstone, locket or a motif charm. For a unique and distinctive look of your own, try a layered look with different chain lengths, metals and styles.

Big gemstone ring

Bold, oversized gemstone rings, also known as cocktail rings, have been fashionable since the 1920s. They are a great way to add some colour and glamour to your look. There are plenty of gemstone options to choose from with a range of alluring colours. If you are unsure which gemstone to pick, learn more about each stone in our gemstone guide, or consider your birthstone as an option.


Pearls are a classic, sophisticated accessory for any occasion and any outfit. The most traditional take on pearls is a single or double strand necklace, while other options include a pearl pendant or pearls evenly spaced around a chain. If you want to add a modern twist to this classic piece consider coloured pearls.

Classic watch

Think of your watch as an investment; choose something that will last for years without feeling outdated. As a general rule, a watch with clean lines and a simple face will go with everything you wear and typically get the most use over the years.