Diamond bridal sets

If you want to ensure that your wedding ring and engagement ring will be a perfect match, consider a diamond bridal set. Bridal sets are the best way to guarantee that your rings sit perfectly together in terms of both comfort and aesthetics.

Ernest Jones has a huge range of exquisite diamond bridal sets which are shaped to fit together flawlessly, and designed to complement each other beautifully.

Our bridal sets come in a variety of precious metals, including white and yellow gold, or luxurious platinum. Learn more about the precious metals in our metal buyer's guide which will help you make a considered choice that is right for you. The range of bridal sets at Ernest Jones offers an array of different styles and stones so whether you are after a simple elegant diamond solitaire set, an elaborate diamond cluster set or a bridal set featuring coloured diamonds or precious gemstones, we are sure you will find something you will love.

Discover stunning diamond bridal sets from Leo Diamonds, get Hollywood glamour with a Neil Lane bridal set or maybe choose something a little more unusual but equally spectacular from Le Vian Chocolatier. Whatever your style, Ernest Jones will have a bridal set that is perfect for you.

Reasons to go for a matching bridal set

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is hard enough, but choosing a wedding ring that matches can be extremely difficult. There are a lot of things that need to be considered to ensure that the beauty of each ring is appreciated. Avoid the following pitfalls with a matching bridal set.

Mismatched proportion: The eye is drawn to what we like, and right now your mind might be on going big. For most people this is great news for the engagement ring but a big wedding band could look out of place on her finger. Remember that if you choose a big wedding band it may make a small diamond in the engagement ring look even smaller.

Mismatched styles: Some men are better than others at separating their Art Deco from their modern style and Edwardian from Victorian. But most are not professional designers, and while some style combinations are happy accidents, it's a lot easier when the guessing is taken out of the picture with a matching bridal set.

Mismatched metals: This is important if the metals are of different strengths, where the wedding band could scratch the engagement ring or vice versa. A bright finish on one ring can make the finish on the other look dull. Matching the colour of two rings made in different metals or gold caratage will be near impossible.

Mismatched shapes: If you choose a diamond of a certain shape – for instance the marquise or the pear/teardrop – and match it with a wedding band that wasn't made for it, the sharp end of the gem could interfere with how the wedding band sits on her finger.

A bridal set on the ring finger looks thoughtful, finished and elegant and avoids all of these mismatch disasters. For a matched look that includes the groom, consider 'trio sets', which have a matching engagement ring and wedding band for her, and a complementing band for him.