Cleaning jewellery with wipe cloths

How to clean and care for your jewellery collection

Taking care of your jewellery is the most important part of keeping your collection looking beautiful for years to come. If you are hoping to pass down your jewellery collection through the generations, then keeping it in tip-top condition is an essential part of jewellery ownership.

In this article, the jewellery experts at Ernest Jones will give you all the jewellery care tips you'll need.

How do you take care of jewellery?

Looking after your jewellery collection doesn't need to be a difficult or long-winded process. Much the same as looking after your car or house, giving attention little and often will result in less work for you in the long run. In the following sections, you can find out how to look after silver, gold, platinum and palladium jewellery.

How to clean silver jewellery

If your silver jewellery is looking a little worse for wear with black marks dotted across its surface, chances are it has become 'tarnished'. Don't worry though, this is a completely natural process in which the surface of the silver combines with sulphur, turning into silver sulphide.

While this is harmless to the silver, the black deposits are unsightly. If these symptoms sound familiar, then a silver jewellery cleaner will bring your jewellery back to its best. Ideal for heavily tarnished silver jewellery, this intensive cleaner will help remove hard-to-reach grime, leaving it looking brand new. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the back of the tub.

If your silver jewellery isn't as intricate and has numerous flat and easy-to-reach surfaces, investing in a silver polishing cloth will work wonders. These essentially do the same thing as their liquid counterparts, but just require a quick rub every now and then, rather than submerging the jewellery entirely.

Once clean and completely dry, store your silver jewellery in its original box or packaging to keep necklaces from tangling and bracelets and bangles from bending out of their correct shape.

How to clean gold jewellery

Gold doesn't tarnish as readily as silver, but it still requires a degree of care to keep it looking its best. Using a soft cloth, such as a chamois or microfibre, gently rub the surface of your gold jewellery to remove body oils or any soap deposits. This will help restore the shine of your jewellery, negating the need to clean further.

If you want to be a little more thorough, Ernest Jones jewellery cleaning wipes have been specially formulated to remove residue from your jewellery. Simply take one out of the tub and wipe your jewellery to remove the residue.

Does white gold tarnish?

White gold contains a rhodium coating, which is what gives it that lustrous white shine. Over time, the rhodium plating will need replacing. You can tell this if the ring starts to become dull or has a yellow tinge to it − this may look like it has tarnished. However, this is a perfectly normal process, and the rhodium plating can be reapplied. If you're unsure, pop into your local Ernest Jones store to have your pieces of jewellery looked at by our expert teams. They will then be able to advise you further.

How to polish platinum

Platinum is an incredibly durable metal, but it is still susceptible to scratches and dirt deposits, like any other material used to make jewellery. Take a soft cloth and gently polish the surface of your platinum jewellery until that trademark shine returns. Over time, platinum, and many other precious metals, develop its own patina, which some wearers may mistake to be tarnish. Simply polishing your platinum will help restore shine and increase its longevity.

Storing platinum is much the same as any other metal. Ensure you retain your original packaging and when not wearing the jewellery, return it to the box or pouch it was purchased in. This will help reduce wear and limit tangling of necklaces.

How to clean palladium

Very similar in the way you would care for platinum jewellery, palladium jewellery simply needs a soft cloth to gently buff it back into its shiny state. Palladium is generally reserved for rings rather than necklaces and bangles, but ensuring it remains clean and buffed is the best way of preserving its beautiful shine.

Can you wear jewellery in the shower?

Remember to remove all gold jewellery, and all other jewellery for that matter, before showering or bathing as exposure to soaps and shower gels can dull its luxurious shine and leave deposits on the surface. The higher in carat your gold is, the softer the metal will be, which means it can scratch easily if it is worn during manual activities like cleaning, so take it off beforehand.

Jewellery cleaning top tips

There you have it, a complete guide to looking after your beautiful jewellery collection to make sure your treasured pieces remain spick and span for decades. Just remember these top tips:

  • Remove your jewellery every time you have a shower or bath
  • Take off your jewellery when you are cleaning
  • Invest in polishing cloths and jewellery cleaners to keep that shine
  • Store jewellery in its original packaging to keep its original shape
  • Visit an Ernest Jones store for advice and more top tips

If you have any other questions, pop into your local Ernest Jones store for advice as well as a look at our full range of jewellery cleaning products.