Palladium jewellery

Palladium is named after Pallas Athene, the Greek Goddess of war, wisdom and crafts. It has been used in jewellery since 1939 and is becoming an increasingly popular metal choice.

Palladium has great purity and strength which prevents it from expanding when exposed to heat. It is lighter than platinum and does not tarnish; it is a metal that will look great for years to come. The beauty of palladium is very easy to maintain.

Palladium is particularly popular for engagement rings for this reason and also due to its pure white finish which delivers impressive luxury. The white colour is natural, not plated therefore it will not lessen or discolour over time.

Palladium is the perfect metal for setting precious gemstones including diamonds and coloured gemstones; the white finish reflects light off the stones and showcases their sparkle. The strength and toughness of palladium means that well designed jewellery will hold gemstones securely. The resistance of palladium to chemicals will also mean that stones will be less likely to loosen.

Palladium is also an alloy used in the production of white gold, resulting in a more deluxe white gold than using silver or nickel.

Palladium hallmarking

As with all precious metals, palladium jewellery will carry a hallmark declaring its quality and authenticity. Palladium has only carried this hallmark since 2009 and it features the head of Pallas Athene.

Palladium care

We have a range of cleaning products at Ernest Jones including sprays and wipes that will help you keep your palladium jewellery looking as good as new.