Yellow gold jewellery

Yellow gold can look very traditional and is often admired for this very appearance. However in recent years yellow gold has made a comeback and is looking more modern and stylish than ever before.

Traditional yellow gold jewellery creates a rich timeless style that will never date. Traditional yellow gold jewellery will often be adorned with beautiful diamonds and other precious gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The vivid colours of these stones contrast with the brightness of yellow gold to create a lavish and indulgent look. At Ernest Jones, we have a wide selection of traditional yellow gold jewellery, including delicate pendants, sparkling rings, and stunning earrings.

Modern yellow gold jewellery can look just as beautiful and luxurious but will usually have a simple design with little embellishment and smooth sleek lines. Chunky yellow gold jewellery and statement pieces can create an ultra modern stylish look. Yellow gold jewellery adorned with unusual coloured stones such as tourmaline and amethyst will look fresh and contemporary.

Two/three tone jewellery

Two and three tone jewellery is a great way to wear yellow gold, allowing you to incorporate other more contemporary metals and achieve a more modern style.