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OMEGA Novelties 2022: The Perfect Graduation Gift

More than 170 years of technological innovation have gone into OMEGA’s 2022 novelties. Crafted to last a lifetime OMEGA knows that timepieces are art. But a glance at the watch you got for your graduation, you know it’s so much more. Read on to find out more about these horological masterpieces.

27 June 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Graduation signifies the start of a new chapter, so there’s no better time to gift your loved one with a precious timepiece to wear for their journey into adulthood. After all, your watch does so much more than just tell the time – it tells your story. Every mark, scratch and dent is a hallmark of your narrative. And each OMEGA timepiece, through its 170-year heritage, innovative functionality and unique characteristics, tells a unique story of its very own. Explore our editor’s guide to the OMEGA new releases 2022 and take a glimpse at some of the exclusive designs, from the new Speedmaster 57, Seamaster Diver 300m, Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep and more.

The Speedmaster 57

Does it get any better than OMEGA's latest take on its most iconic watch? If you know anything about the OMEGA Speedmaster, it’s probably that this is the NASA-approved timepiece that accompanied humanity on its maiden voyage to the moon. First introduced in 2013, the Speedmaster is best known as a hard-wearing stainless steel watch – the type of piece that can endure turbulence, shifts in gravity, and high temperatures that may endanger astronauts. Its latest refresh – the Speedmaster 57 – boasts a noticeable upgrade and a slimmer aesthetic. The exquisite range of eight 40.5mm stainless steel models, continues to demonstrate true precision and quality design. The collection offers innovative features and manual-winding movement which adds to its new slimline look. Effortlessly complementing its sleek appeal is the variation of dial alternatives, including a luxurious blue, varnished burgundy, dark green and traditional black, there is a timepiece for all tastes, so, no matter where the graduate in your life is heading next, the OMEGA Speedmaster 57 will make a great companion.

Seamaster 300

Also coming down the OMEGA pipeline is a new Seamaster Diver 300M. The Seamaster has a lot of history to play with: OMEGA's first diver watch initially surfaced in 1957 and has been in production ever since. Today, the Seamaster 300 line serves as a tribute to the past while the Diver 300M is the OMEGA you wear for actual scuba-ing. So while the Seamaster 300 was already vintage-inspired, these new models are somehow even more vintage-esque. For OMEGA, the whole game is finding the delicate balance between making a carbon copy from the past and adding something new. Since its release in 1993, the Seamaster Diver has been a must-have amongst land adventurers and sea divers alike and has now had another makeover. Behind the sapphire crystal face, the striking green dial and bezel are set against a stainless steel bracelet or integrated green rubber strap. Green was undeniably the colour of 2021 in the watch world – could its allure grip the collecting community into 2022? We say, absolutely -– especially if it's the OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300m. Show them you know them with the Seamaster's fresh face for graduation and beyond.

The Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep

We already know OMEGA has a thing for reaching great heights, but the brand’s also interested in going to great depths, too. The original OMEGA Seamaster launched in 1948, setting the tone for incredibly durable timepieces with extraordinary water resistance. But in 2019, explorer Victor Vescovo took this to new depths when he hopped in a submarine and descended the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the world’s oceans. Attached to that craft’s robotic arm were two of OMEGA's Ultra Deep concept watches. Those bulky timepieces, measuring 55 millimetres, weren’t intended for public consumption, but the brand harnessed the technology of those deep-diving watches for its latest release: Three years after that dive, OMEGA has released the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, a watch capable of holding its own at 6,000 metres underwater. One version with a black bezel and dial paired with dark blue accents even gives this watch the look of something emerging from the depths of the sea. (It’s not all gloomy, though – among the five colourways, the Ultra Deep with an orange bezel and matching markers is a standout here.)

This is exactly the type of watch OMEGA does best. Like the Moonwatch, the Ultra Deep comes with an impressive CV; collectors buy the Moonwatch because it’s not just a pretty made-up story, as the watch has been there and done that. The Ultra Deep also offers similar real-world credentials. In recognition of the Seamaster’s World Record dive, each timepiece within the new Ultra Deep collection features a Grade 5 Titanium medallion on the case-back, giving it an exclusive appeal and making it a memorable gift for graduation.

The Constellation 41

A dress watch for the ages: OMEGA's Constellation range hands down has elegance and superb timekeeping in equal measure. And now there's a new 41mm model (as part of a refined Gents Constellation) to take its illustrious story on. First launched in 1952 and in 1982 the models were redesigned with iconic characteristics that have set the tone for the world of watchmakers today.

In come polished ceramic bezel options, black, blue and silver dials (one of which looks like meteorite, but isn’t). The results are memorable and sophisticated yet refined and subtle. Inside the Constellation is the now familiar Calibre 8900/8901, one of OMEGA's Master Co-Axial power units that’s been independently certified by Switzerland’s Metas accuracy testing institute for such quotidian but fundamentally important things as power reserve (60 hours) and resistance to magnetic forces (15,000 gauss).

The Constellation 28

Last, but certainly not least, the new OMEGA ladies Constellation is irresistible – not least thanks to the gleaming coloured dials, integrated steel bracelet strap and also, of course, the famous half-moons on the case and the engraved Roman numerals in the same pastel shade. These are carefully distributed to create elegant curves around the bezel and almost look like part of the ornamentation. It’s a time-only watch, and at its heart is the OMEGA Calibre 4061. An elegantly simple dial devoid of complications, it strikes a balance between being restrained and refined and practical – but also deeply special (perfect for graduation, don't you think?).

OMEGA continues to tell its remarkable story through its 2022 novelties with an exceptional collection of new timepieces. Shop more OMEGA watches or read our OMEGA watch buying guide to delve further into the world of precision and advanced watchmaking.