Fashion Meets Technology - Michael Kors Access Sofie and Grayson

Since they were introduced, smartwatches have often been seen as gadgets, or objects of technology at first, and as a fashion accessory second. The Michael Kors Sofie and Grayson blend both of these worlds so that choosing between something functional and something stylish is no longer an issue. Designed with modern sophistication in mind, these watches essentially remove the need to take out your smartphone for certain activities, giving you more ease of use and accessibility. In particular, Sofie and Grayson also serve some of the traditional functions associated with your smartphone, but now on your wrist.

Introducing the new models - Sofie and Grayson

The Sofie design features a prominent round dial with sparkling crystal accents that surround the bezel, creating a luxurious look. With a thin bracelet that accentuates the dial, the Sofie model is available in three tones, stainless steel, yellow gold tone or rose gold tone.

Michael Kors Sofie Steel Smartwatch Michael Kors' Sofie is available in three tones, smooth stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold tones.
Michael Kors Sofie Steel Smartwatch The crown takes you to the home screen, with the bracelet easily detached via its push-pull mechanism.

Grayson offers the same functionality as the Sofie models, without the crystal accents and instead with a larger general frame and additional buttons. Grayson is currently available in stainless steel tones and gold tones.

Michael Kors Sofie Steel Smartwatch Grayson features a much more prominent dial and a larger bracelet.
Michael Kors Sofie Steel Smartwatch The gold model adds a much more luxury feel for those looking for gold smartwatches.

One thing that isn't initially obvious is that the watch face can be entirely customised; a swipe to the left or right allows you to change the watch face to pre-selected options or a photo of your choosing. To add further, you can detach the bracelet and add customised bracelets.

Having appealed to so many people for its fashion-forward looks, Michael Kors’ new smartwatches elevate the “gadget” feeling of wearing a smartwatch into something you can have as part of your evening wear.

The form meets the function

Get ready to bridge the gap between your smartphone and your pockets. Powered by Android Wear, the smartwatch syncs to your phone via the Android Wear app, and utilises Google Assistant for all of your organisational needs. Asking questions such as “Set my alarm at 7am” or “Track my run” or “What movies are playing this weekend?” will be registered via the microphone and will show you on screen answers for your question. Simple saying “OK Google” will trigger the assistant to answer your questions.

Michael Kors Sofie Steel Smartwatch Google Assistant makes your life much more streamlined with Sofie and Grayson able to understand your voice commands.

Having access to your phone's calendar allows Access watches to display reminders set in your phone's calendar, as well as change your music and allow you to download more apps from the Play Store. Some of the apps include Uber, Strava, Nest, and Spotify with more available soon.

Battery and Charging

Owners of iPhone can use Michael Kors' Access however specific functions with calling or returning texts are only compatible with Android. iPhone users can still download apps and new watch faces and enjoy many of the same functions as Android and both are kept in sync via the Android Wear smartphone app.

Michael Kors Sofie Steel Smartwatch The battery is charged easily with a magnetic charger that links up easily with the watch for seamless charging.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the Michael Kors Access page to have a look at all of our available models and accessories.