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Bremont: The Beating Heart Of British Watchmaking

A brand born out of passion and patriotism, this is evident in every superb timepiece Bremont creates. Inspired by trailblazers, who helped to make Britain ‘Great’, brothers Giles and Nick English have not only excelled in their craft, but in the ultimate goal of bringing watchmaking back home.

25 January 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Long before time fell into the hands of the Swiss, the world set its watch by Britain. Today, Bremont brings watchmaking home. Beyond its complications and design, there's something far more satisfying about a watch that carries a story. Bremont does this every time. Taking cues from the sea and the sky, the Bremont DNA fine-tunes hundreds of parts into a piece that makes you tick.

From its annual historical limited editions that have incorporated wood from Stephen Hawking's desk and paper from the scientist's thesis to the Supermarine collection inspired by the iconic S.6B seaplane (forerunner to the Spitfire) that can take you down to depths of 2000m. Tested beyond endurance, these timepieces are made to be worn and not stored in your safe. Chronometer rated. Built to last. Classically styled. It’s the kind of watch you’d happily pass down to your grandchildren.

A brand born out of passion

Bremont is more than just a watchmaking company, it is a family-based project spurred by a love of many things. Founded by brothers Giles and Nick English, Bremont seeks inspiration from those they hold nearest and dearest, trailblazers and products of innovation that have changed the course of British history, and have in turn, influenced them. This sense of unwavering respect and admiration is then channelled into the thing that Bremont does best: expertly crafted timepieces.

As Giles explains, “the love for our watches really began with our father.” A PhD aeronautical engineer by trade, he had a keen vision for breathing new life into old objects such used cars, and building aircraft and boats – such as the one family lived on – but it was his love for watches and clocks that the brothers remember most fondly. Encouraging this philosophy of seeing the potential in everything, while proving that there’s no such thing as too much of a challenge, this pioneering spirit is certainly evident in Bremont’s watches; constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

From something truly tragic, something beautiful blossomed instead. In 1995, Giles and Nick sadly lost their father in an accident at an air display, while Nick spent many months recovering in intensive care having broken over 30 bones.

It was this life-changing event that inspired a life-changing decision. In a rather intimate admission, Giles described it as a “tipping point” that motivated the brothers to “follow our passion”, and so set up a workshop in Switzerland to study and learn the art of horology.

Masters of their art

Having excelled in their studies, the brothers then returned to Britain with the desire to bring watchmaking back to its rightful home.

From clockmaker and carpenter John Harrison establishing how to determine longitude at sea in 1759, to Captain James Cook becoming the first European to discover Australia in 1770 with the aid of a British chronometer, Britain has been at the heart of many defining horological moments in the rich tapestry of time.

Demonstrating Britain’s fundamental role in horology is the fact that by the 1800s, close to half of the world’s clocks and pocket watches were crafted in Britain, as were most horological designs. Moreover, the Greenwich Meridian – still the reference point for every time zone in the world – is based on the time displayed by the Shepherd Gate Clock at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London.

Bremont was founded in 2002 with the aim of reviving this great British tradition. With a supply chain and manufacturing & technology centre based in England, Bremont is confidently flying the flag for Britain as exemplified by each superbly crafted watch hand-built here in the UK.

Perfectly crafted personal tributes

A Bremont piece will never simply settle for being a mere instrument telling you of the time, it is infused with sentimentality, a spirit of adventure – each watch has its own story to tell. They are a celebration of everyone and everything that has made Britain great, with this patriotic pride running deep through the veins of every watch Bremont creates.

From collections inspired by Britain’s heroic efforts in the war, to physicists who changed the way we look at the world, here are just a few iconic Bremont collections that pay homage to and connect Britain’s past, present and future.


Taking its name after the 'Aircraft Manufacturing Company Limited' – one of the first British military aircraft manufacturers and the first aviation company to manufacture for the RAF – the AIRCO collection is defined by its simplicity and sophistication. Described by Giles as “a nod to classic styles” and a “go-to”, the range harks back to pilot’s watches of yesteryear, bringing a touch of vintage suavity to everyday styling.


Highlighting, yet again, Bremont’s endless fascination with the seas and the skies is the Supermarine. A harmonious balance of form and functionality, this collection pays homage to the Supermarine S.6B. Though it may have been a seaplane, it was actually a precursor to the legendary Spitfire – the legendary single-seat fighter aircraft that helped to secure victory for Britain and the Allied Nations in WWII.


Not only does this collection commemorate one of Britain’s greatest scientists but it’s a personal tribute on a more intimate level too – Stephen Hawking was a close friend of Giles and Nick’s father. Whether it’s small shards of meteorites to symbolise the cosmos, wood from his desk and paper from his thesis or etchings of stars from the night sky in Oxford on 8th January 1942 – the day he was born, a host of subtle yet beautiful details honouring Professor Hawking can be found in each model. For every watch purchased from the Hawking collection, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Stephen Hawking Foundation – the scientist’s personal charity.

Discover the best of British craftsmanship for yourself

There’s no denying that Bremont has certainly delivered on its promise of bringing the art of horology back to Britain. However, the brand hasn’t just fulfilled this promise, it has achieved this triumph in emphatic manner, continuing to release collection after collection of exceptionally designed watches that showcase a mastery of precision, reliability and durability.

Made to stand the test of time, a Bremont timepiece is a testament to heritage, to endurance and to love. Just like how Giles and Nick’s father passed down his passion for watches to his sons, you can take unwavering pride in passing down your Bremont watch to your children. Discover yours by booking a virtual appointment or visiting Ernest Jones in store or online today.