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Celebrating Every Story: When Two Adams Became One

Hailing from England and Australia respectively, Adam and Adam meeting isn’t just a connection of two people and two nations, but a tale of two soulmates entwining as one; proving that every story has its happy ever after.

06 December 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

When it comes to the joy of love there are no bounds, and here at Ernest Jones, we want to celebrate every story and show how love inspires love. Kindly sharing theirs with us are Adam and Adam, detailing sweet and tender moments such as when their eyes first met to songs they danced to on their wedding day, along with their hopes for the future.

How did you first meet and was it love at first sight?

Adam and I first met last year at a cute London pub, where we both ran into each other trying to shield ourselves from the rain. This was around autumn in Shoreditch.

There was an instant connection as we locked eyes from across the room. We both tell the story the same now, it was love at first sight.

What was your first date and what were your first impressions of each other?

Our first date was the two of us going for a trip to Cheltenham on a weekend away.

We were both infatuated with each other from the first moment we met, but nervous as we didn’t know the other was feeling the same way. Australian Adam loved English Adam’s eyes, smile and accent. English Adam loved Australian Adam’s smile and confidence.

What are your favourite things about each other?

We both make each other laugh and it is our favourite thing about each other.

When was the moment you knew it was forever?

We knew it was forever when we first met. We share our home, families and now two dachshund dogs together.

When did you get engaged and how and where did it happen?

We got engaged on the 27th July this year. English Adam had planned a day out, walking around the city in active wear with our puppies.

We had been watching the Olympic swimming events and headed to an Italian restaurant. After enjoying many drinks at Ave Mario, the restaurant staff cut the music to gain everyone’s attention and then serenaded us with our favourite songs.

Was the proposal a surprise?

It was completely spontaneous and Australian Adam had no idea! They even allowed our pets to come in which they don’t usually allow!

Where are you getting married?

We are getting married in Camden, with our reception being held at The Camden Grocer in Camden Market. This holds dear to us as we live in Camden, where we shared our first flat together.

What engagement ring did you choose and did you know what kind of engagement ring you wanted?

We chose a beautiful, stylish and modern ring from Ernest Jones. They are both flat profile and are the perfect blend of masculinity and beauty. We had visited the Ernest Jones store at Westfield White City and were greeted with comfort and professionalism.

Australian Adam knew exactly what he wanted from the start, English Adam not so much… but after trying the rings on and being sized correctly, we were both convinced!

The next chapter has officially begun! What was the fondest memory of your wedding day?

Being greeted by with love and showered with confetti and champagne by the people we love, who helped to make our wedding day amazing in every way.

Are there any funny moments or stories from the wedding you would like to share?

Our two beloved puppies were there with us from every moment of the day – from the start to the very end of the party!

Did you follow any traditions on the day?

We didn’t follow any particular traditions apart from cutting the cake together as we wanted to celebrate our story in own unique way, which we did with a DJ, a champagne wall, a face painter, canapes and plenty of laughter!

What was your first dance song?

In keeping with breaking traditions, we actually didn’t have a first dance song, but there were plenty of soul bangers!

What are you most looking forward to about married life?

We’re looking forward to our next chapter of our journey, which will involve travelling back and forth between England and Australia, and everywhere in between… We then hope to look after our little family and grow old together while somehow still looking young!

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