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Dare To Do: Meet TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer & Connected Calibre

High-octane. High-performance. We can only be talking about TAG Heuer. From the Aquaracer to the Connected Calibre, each collection embodies over 160 years of Swiss watchmaking heritage and a desire to evolve, adapt and change. So, dive deep into the world of TAG Heuer and see what you’ll discover.

23 February 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Bold. Empowering. Undeniably audacious. Though their designs and functionalities may be different, the tenacious, adventurous spirit of TAG Heuer runs through the veins of both the Aquaracer and Connected Calibre collections. From the very best in sporting performance to fitness routines tailored to you, whatever your needs, you’re guaranteed to fulfil your ambitions with a TAG Heuer watch to hand.

The awe of Aquaracer

Four decades strong, this iconic line has firmly established itself as a legend in the watchmaking world. The ultimate diver’s watch, the story of the Aquaracer began when Jack Heuer introduced the Heuer Reference 844 in 1978. Designed for those who revel in the thrill of outdoor sports and adventures in nature, this pioneering watch defined a new category of versatile wristwatches that could be relied on in extreme conditions – both on land and in water.

Officially titled the Aquaracer in 2004, the collection stayed true to six house codes established from the very beginning: a uni-directional rotating bezel; a screw-down crown; water resistance to at least 200 metres; luminous markings; a sapphire crystal; and a double safety clasp.

Fast forward to the current day, TAG Heuer continues the Aquaracer Professional Services story with the Aquaracer Professional 200. Considered a sister model to Aquaracer Professional 300, it sees classic style reborn for the contemporary age. Imagined in a series of different finishes ranging from blue, black and silver dials to diamond-set bezels, the collection fuses style with functionality to perfection.

An evolution of energy

From speed-flying to skiing to hitting the streets and smashing your personal best, the Aquaracer Professional 200 was made to do it all. Infused with the essence of adventure, this latest model has been crafted to be sleeker, all while delivering unquestionable refinement and durability. The primary guarantee of the Aquaracer Professional Series is performance under pressure, which is why this latest line has been subjected to intense testing at TAG Heuer’s La Chaux-de-Fonds manufacturing centre for accuracy, resistance to water and abrasion, so that the bracelet can withstand accidental stresses.

Masterful movement

Providing a choice of movements, the 40mm collection is offered in two automatic and two quartz references, while at 30mm there are two automatics and five quartz options.

The epitome of elegance, the Aquaracer Professional 200 is characterised by a choice of movement that changes the watch’s layout and functionality. The automatic models in the range are distinguished by smoky fumé gradient dials, while date windows – without a magnifier – reiterate the timepiece’s streamlined profile. Super-LumiNova sweeping seconds hands lend a signature TAG Heuer touch, in addition to more detailed minute tracks. Embracing a more pared-back style in comparison, the quartz models have no date but retain the same aesthetic and technical characteristics.

The detailing behind the design

The bezel’s rotating mechanism is almost fluid, and yet still has a reassuring click that signals its reliability under pressure. Still featuring a diving scale, the bezel is now engraved into a steel insert, rather than ceramic.

Spotlighting a slimmed-down, more elegant bracelet, the Aquaracer Professional 200 continues TAG Heuer’s long tradition of producing ergonomic bracelet designs that follow the natural curves of the wrist. With a polished rather than brushed central bracelet link, this gives the Aquaracer Professional 200 a more formal feel, allowing it to cross codes and transition from sea to mountain to the office and beyond. It’s these carefully considered aesthetic adaptions that lend to the line’s sporty, versatile personality.

Captivate with Connected Calibre

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 is all about connecting in every way: ultimate elegance with sporting performance; design codes with an ever-growing ecosystem of lifestyle activities and apps; an illustrious past with an exciting future. So, get ready to connect with the world around you in more incredible and immersive ways than ever before.

This season sees TAG Heuer introduce two new models to the world. Sleek and slimline, the 42mm design simply exudes elegance. Defined by a notably thinner case, it features ergonomic steel pushers, a thin bezel and an integrated bracelet. The larger 45mm model is strikingly different to its smaller counterpart, showcasing a sporting design characterised by a sturdy ceramic bezel.

Sporting spirit is at the heart

Beating your personal best this year will become a lot more achievable thanks to the Connected Calibre E4. When synced with the TAG Heuer Sports app, this powerful smartwatch will allow you to reap the benefits of industry-leading fitness information. Better still, you can keep track of your running, cycling, swimming, golf and walking performance – so, whatever your sport of choice, you’ll always be on top of your game. Designed with on-the-go activities in mind, the new Connected Calibre E4 boasts a brand-new feature: guided workouts. Allowing wearers to stay fit without needing to keep a smartphone nearby, the smartwatch delivers a series of exercise programmes with pre-set lengths, on-screen prompts let you choose between upper, lower or full-body workouts to help create a better, stronger version of you. You can even add your own routine to the design, bringing a customised touch to the Connected Calibre E4.

Iconic innovation

Distinguishing this iteration of the Connected Calibre E4 is a new screen that delivers industry-leading quality and contrast. Designed with high-fidelity colour reproduction, it makes sure that notifications and sport metrics can be seen on the smartwatch – even in the brightest sunlight.

Offering 30% longer battery life with the new 45mm model compared to previous generation, users can benefit from intense sports tracking throughout the day, while enjoying a full day of battery life, even with five hours of using the golf functions. With the 42mm model, wearers can enjoy a full day using the wellness app before the battery runs out.

With the new Connected Calibre E4, wearers can also synchronise data faster than ever before thanks to a new wireless standard that offers data transfer at twice the speed. The new model also boasts a new feature in the form of an altimeter, which measures altitude at the wearer’s current location, helping to track outdoor activities such as running or cycling with greater accuracy.

The watch alone doesn’t just deliver iconic innovation – the charger of the Connected Calibre E4 does as well. Providing multiple uses such as displaying the time and showing the battery percentage, the charger can be used as a stand that stays lit with subtle brightness at night too.

Style that suits you

Whatever your style, the Connected collection offers watch faces to suit every taste. Mechanical watch faces – based on classic TAG Heuer timepieces – let wearers explore TAG Heuer’s 160 years of fine watchmaking, while digital faces are inspired by TAG Heuer’s long-standing expertise in sports timers.

Demonstrating TAG Heuer’s technological dexterity is the new Riverside watch face, animated with an immersive futuristic effect of time elapsing. The new Wellness watch face displays information such as live heart rate and the number of steps taken on that day to keep you on track with your fitness goals. Other new digital features new to the collection include up-to-date information on weather, wellness and calendar notifications delivered directly to the watch face.

Whether you prefer a polished look or a pop of colour, the Connected Calibre E4 allows you to change watch straps to customise your finish. From multicoloured rubber straps to refined leather or rugged steel bracelets, the choice is in your hands.

Discover this dynamic duo at Ernest Jones

Distinctive in style but united in exemplary craftsmanship, the Aquaracer and Connected Calibre collections are ready to bring the TAG Heuer experience to a new generation. Lending themselves to the office to the gym to the court to dinner and everything in between with ease, these iconic ranges are destined to become classics alongside other legendary TAG Heuer lines such as the Formula 1 and Carrera.

The full Connected Calibre range will be ready to explore from March 2022, while the Aquaracer collection is ready to shop online and in store at Ernest Jones today.