5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

Diamond Story Share Their Passion and Devotion to Their Craft

The Diamond Story Share Their Devotion to Their Craft

I think that our passion comes from the realisation that as a brand that creates unique bridal engagement collections The Diamond Story can contribute a small part to the significant journey of each diamond in that it will go on to represent the beginning of one of the most special partnerships in the lives of our clients.

Q: How do customers understand the DNA story of their diamond?

A: We track every one of our diamonds from the country of origin all the way to the customer, so we know the precise history of each piece. Every The Diamond Story ring comes with two certificates, The Diamond Story Birth Certificate shows each diamond's country of origin gives assurance that your stone was sourced ethically and responsibly.

Using state-of-the-art 3D mapping, the precise cut of your diamond is mapped in the rough, showcasing the amount of precision and technical expertise it takes for your diamond to be cut. As a very special touch, the names of the craftsmen and designers that made your ring are also included on the birth certificate.

The second is the Gemological Science International (GSI) Laboratory Certificate, to assure high level of quality, trust and value.

Q: Where does your passion for diamond crafting originate?

A: Natural, raw diamonds are formed over billions of years, they’re among the most ancient formations in the world. Each one has come on an incredible journey from deep inside the earth’s mantle.

Q: What are the most popular cuts and styles in your collection?

A: The round brilliant is by far our most popular, the fifty-seven facets in this cut make for the most incredible sparkle and the way the light travels through the stone, also called total internal reflection, make for optimum scintillation. This cut is well suited to any setting.

Q: How do you design and show every aspect of the diamond?

A: Each rough diamond contains an inner luminous essence, revealed through the intricate process of diamond cutting. Our process uses state of-the-art 3D technology to map the best cut and character for each rough diamond.

Diamond Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate will include an image, showing how diamond mapping has unlocked the essential luminescence of your centre stone. There are very specific steps to extracting the inner beauty, from our 3D mapping technique to cutting and polishing, ring design and hand setting, each step adds something to the beauty of the final product.

When each bride-to-be wears her engagement ring for the first time, The Diamond Story becomes her own, to cherish, tell and re-tell many times.