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The Gemstone Colour Trends of Autumn/Winter 2019

Gemstones are a deeply personal choice that reflect the facets of your personality, but they can still be on-trend. Discover the palette of gemstones that are inspiring jewellery lovers in 2019.

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

Gemstones, the power to tell a story

Even though all gemstones are captivating, there are times when some become more popular than others. This may be because they perfectly complement the latest fashion trends or mirror a beautiful celebrity engagement ring. Take a look below to see some of the biggest gemstone colour trends of 2019, including fancy colour diamonds.

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Pastel Tones of Amethyst and Aquamarine

Amethyst is a historic and mythical gemstone adored for its purple colour, while aquamarine is the ancient stone of sailors and is said to embody the sea. Both gemstones have beautiful pastel colours that are in high demand for 2019. Wearing an aquamarine ring is said to calm and soothe the wearer, making it a perfect choice for extroverted personalities. In contrast, amethyst earrings and amethyst pendants are a symbol of purity and were once seen as a way of banishing vices.

Shades of Nude

With a pastel colour that verges on nude, morganite has romantic pale pink and peach tones that look exquisite with a wedding gown. Morganite is the stone of love and is said to carry an energy that warms the soul. This is what makes a morganite engagement ring such a popular choice for brides-to-be in 2019.

Matching your gemstone colour to your skin tone is a big jewellery trend for summer 2019. Forms of topaz, diamond, smoky and chocolate quartz, and tourmaline are beautiful with deeper skintones, while morganite, rose quartz, diamond, moonstone and sapphire are perfect for paler tones.

If you are looking for an on-trend peach colour that packs more of a vibrant punch, consider an unusual padparadscha sapphire. Princess Eugenie of York was given a beautiful padparadscha sapphire and diamond engagement ring by her husband Jack Brooksbank.

Tonal Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamond jewellery is one of the stars of 2019, especially diamond rings set with pastel-hued pink, yellow, champagne, cognac and chocolate diamonds. These lovely soft colour diamonds are just as romantic as their white counterparts, but with an individual twist. For inspiration, look to the blush pink diamond engagement ring worn by actress Blake Lively.

Bold Berry

As autumn approaches, berry coloured gemstones will provide the perfect accompaniment to your wardrobe. The colder months of 2019 will be centred on berry colour gemstones, such as tourmaline, spinel, ruby emerald, sapphire, garnet peridot and tanzanite. Combine gemstone pieces in shades of red, deep pink and purple for the perfect berry look.

Multi-Colour Sapphire Jewellery

When we think of sapphire jewellery we tend to think of deep blue gemstones, just like the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring. However, sapphires come in a wide range of colours, including pink, yellow, green, blue and many more. One of the biggest gemstone jewellery trends of 2019 has been colourful combinations of sapphires in rings, pendants and eternity rings. These multi-sapphire jewellery pieces are full of personality and rainbow intensity. We recommend pairing a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring with an eternity ring dusted with sapphires for a pop of colour.

Classic Fiery Opal Jewellery

Opal gemstones have hidden depths thanks to their rainbow of colours. Classic white opals once had a reputation for being bad luck, but this myth has been banished now as more of us fall in love with their colour, fiery flashes and beauty. Coloured gemstone trends in 2019 also celebrate the shimmering iridescence that makes gemstones like opal so special. No two are the same, which means your opal ring or opal earrings are entirely unique to you.

Pretty in Pearl Jewellery

Cultured pearls are available in a wide array of colours and they are being used creatively in 2019. Colours like soft pink, white, pale yellow and peacock pearls are leading the way with their characteristic lustre. Choose designs that go beyond traditional pearl jewellery suites with swirls, curling lines of diamonds and a more contemporary edge.

Gemstone jewellery is a special way to capture meaning and share a part of your personality with the world. Coloured gemstone jewellery trends in 2019 are all about pastel tones, shimmering lustre and eye-catching styles. We can’t think of a more romantic way to mark the special moments in your year.