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Sparkle and Shine: How to Clean Diamonds

Want to ensure your diamonds keep their stunning day one sparkle? Explore our guide on how to clean diamonds now. Discover diamonds with Ernest Jones.


From their stylish cuts to their sparkle that’s second to none and the fact that each and every stone is unique, it’s little wonder that diamonds are universally adored. But what many don’t realise is that, despite being one of the hardest naturally occurring substances on earth, diamonds still need some TLC to keep them looking their brilliant best. Luckily, all it takes is a little know-how.

Here, we’ll explore how to clean a diamond ring and how to clean diamond jewellery, as well as share some tips that’ll keep your diamonds gleaming for longer. So, whether it’s your engagement ring or a treasured family heirloom that needs a bit of love, with the help of this guide you’ll have it sparkling again in no time.

Diamond cleaning for beginners

Amongst a diamond’s greatest qualities is its incredible durability. With the right care, a diamond will bring decades of enjoyment before becoming a treasured keepsake to be passed down from generation to generation – all whilst maintaining its beauty and brilliance. But, because they are so hardy, we sometimes forget to give them the care and cleaning they need.

It might surprise you to know that the dulling of a diamond is most commonly caused by everyday items, rather than the passing of time as some people believe. The main culprits are make-up and skincare products, such as hairsprays and hand creams, which build up into a film of grease. In turn, this attracts dust and debris which blocks the light and stops the diamond from sparkling. Therefore, the easiest way to keep your diamonds looking dazzling for longer is simply to put jewellery on after you’ve applied make-up or beauty products. It’s also best to avoid touching your diamonds, as tempting as it might be, as the natural grease and oil from our skin can also dull their appearance.

Diamonds, and the metal they are set in, can also become scratched, scuffed, or damaged by abrasive materials such as scourers, and harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine. So, it’s always best to remove diamond jewellery when using household cleaning items. For this reason, you should also steer clear of harsh products when cleaning your diamond jewellery and, whilst it is an effective method for cleaning some metals, don’t use bicarb or baking soda as a cleaning method for diamonds.

When it comes to cleaning, the first thing to do is to check the settings and claws for any signs of damage or loose stones. If you notice anything, your best bet is to take the item to your local Ernest Jones store for closer inspection. If your jewellery came with any cleaning instructions or advice, check these before starting as some instructions can vary. To be extra safe, we always recommend cleaning any piece of jewellery in a small bowl. If you do have to clean it over a sink, then ensure the plug is in just in case any small parts become loose.

How to clean diamond jewellery

We are often asked for tips on how to clean diamond jewellery, and the most important thing to remember is that little and often is the best way to keep your diamonds sparkling. For jewellery that you wear regularly, giving them a quick wipe with a specialist jewellery wipe or diamond cleaning cloth, ideally at the end of the day but at least once a week, is a good routine to have. When cleaning your diamond jewellery, it’s also important to remember to be gentle, especially with a delicate item like a fine pendant or a tennis bracelet.

When it comes to how to clean diamond earrings, they’ll likely need a more thorough wash than other items. This is because diamond earrings are not only exposed to more hair and beauty products, so an increased build-up of grime is normal, but they can also host some bacteria, so regular cleaning is recommended.

Cleaning diamond earrings and diamond jewellery is a pretty straightforward process that can easily be done at home. Start by adding washing-up liquid to water that is warm but nowhere near boiling, and leave to soak for around 30 minutes for necklaces and bracelets and around 45 minutes for earrings. Next, use a soft brush to remove stubborn marks and, if cleaning earrings, be sure to give the earring back a thorough clean. Then, with the plug in place, carefully rinse under gently running water before drying with a lint-free or microfibre cloth. The sparkle of your diamond jewellery should now be restored.

How to clean diamond rings

The process of cleaning a diamond ring is similar to that of cleaning other diamond jewellery, and whilst a gentle wipe with a jewellery cleaning cloth is great for giving the diamonds back their sparkle, a more thorough clean is also recommended from time to time.

Start by pouring some water that is fairly warm, but nowhere near boiling, into a small bowl. Then, add a generous squirt of washing up liquid and simply soak the ring in the warm soapy water for around 30 minutes, not forgetting to put the plug in the sink if that's where you are working. If you notice a stubborn build-up of grime, you can use a very soft toothbrush, such as one designed for young children, to get into any places that are hard to reach. Pay particular attention to the stones setting as this is an area where debris is likely to accumulate. Once the ring is free from any obvious dirt, put in the sink plug and rinse the ring under running water to remove any lingering soap. Finally, using a soft lint-free cloth, carefully dry your ring. It’s best to avoid using items like paper towels as some can be abrasive.

Your ring should now be back to its sparkling best. To keep it looking in tip-top condition and to avoid any major build-up of dust or dirt, it's a good idea to undertake this cleaning regularly.

Professional diamond cleaning services

Regularly cleaning your diamond jewellery at home is a great way to keep it looking its best. However, it’s certainly also worth considering the occasional professional clean, particularly for jewellery that you wear every day such as a diamond engagement ring or wedding band, or for items that need some additional TLC.

From specialist ultrasonic cleaning to expert polishing, at Ernest Jones, we offer complimentary cleaning services on items purchased from us. All you need to do is book an in-store appointment and bring with you your proof of purchase. We also offer in-house repairs and servicing, and our specialists will be happy to inspect an item and advise on the next steps.

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For many of us, diamond jewellery is amongst some of our most meaningful and precious possessions. Therefore, we understand the importance of keeping it looking its best, and we hope this guide has helped you get to grips with how to clean diamond rings and diamond jewellery.

From advice to cleaning services and expert repairs, our dedicated team is always happy to help. To organise an appointment, visit our in-store or virtual appointment booking page. Or, for advice on cleaning other metals and precious stones, see our guide on how to clean and restore your jewellery.