Ruby Heart pendant and ruby ring

July Birthstone, This Month We Discover the Royal Ruby

Ruby gemstones were once considered the reserves of royalty, but now they are a romantic way to say ‘I love you’ to someone special.

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

For thousands of years, rubies have been linked to intense emotions like love, energy, passion and power.

Their beautiful rich red colour was evocative of blood in ancient times, which meant rubies were revered as the gemstones of life, protection and good fortune. Warriors would go into battle wearing rubies as a promise to return to their beloveds in one piece. In the 15th century, ruby gemstones were rubbed directly onto the skin to restore youth and vitality.

During the time of the ancient Mughal rulers of India, ruby was celebrated as the king of gemstones and reserved for royalty. Today, some of the finest rubies belong to Queen Elizabeth II. Her most famous piece is a Burmese ruby and diamond tiara, which Her Majesty commissioned for herself in 1973. A particularly famous ruby ring was in the collection of American actress Elizabeth Taylor. Her husband Richard Burton presented her with an 8.24 carat ruby, diamond and gold ring as a token of love for Christmas in 1968.

Ruby gemstones are desired for their beauty, but also their physical properties. Ruby is the sister gemstone of sapphire as both are types of corundum. Ruby is simply the term used to describe corundum that is red. This is perfect for special ruby jewellery pieces you want to cherish every day, like a ruby anniversary pendant or ruby earrings because corundum is hard and durable. The only gemstone that is tougher is a diamond.

The most sought-after and exceptional rubies are sometimes called 'pigeon's blood' because of their deep crimson colour. Rubies can command the highest price per carat of any coloured gemstone in the world. This has given the July birthstone an incredible status and prestige across the globe.

Ruby rings have long been thought to fill their wearers with feelings of eternal love. This is certainly true for actress Eva Longoria, who has a ruby and diamond engagement ring, and Victoria Beckham who owns a sensational oval ruby ring gifted to her by her husband.

For centuries the most famous ruby in the world was the Black Prince's Ruby, which forms part of the British Crown Jewels. However, in the late 18th century it was found to be a different type of gemstone, a red spinel. Although there are lots of red gemstones, none have quite the same romantic history and charm as the ruby.

Rubies are the July birthstone and are also an important gift for a 15th and 40th ruby wedding anniversary. Wearing ruby jewellery is like being adorned with history. Romantic ruby rings are a special symbol of love, devotion and passion and are completely timeless for engagement rings.

You will undoubtedly treasure your ruby jewellery for decades and generations to come.