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July birthstone: Revel in rubies

It’s time to say hello to July’s birthstone; the rare and beautiful Ruby. Many in the ancient world believed rubies had mystical powers, such as predicting the future or to protect them from misfortune. Rubies come in many different shades of red, from a raspberry pinkish colour to purple or brownish red.

Ruby is an incredibly valuable gemstone. Much like the diamond; size, clarity and cut are all important when buying this birthstone and contribute to the value of your gemstone. A large ruby with lower clarity will have a lower value than a smaller one with greater clarity.

One of S/S’14’s key themes is modern femininity, which is why a gemstone like ruby with mystical properties such as enthusiasm, fieriness and strength will complement your summer wardrobe perfectly. Rubies are also very durable and would even make a great unusual stones in an engagement ring.

What better way to stay on trend then with this statement ruby & diamond ring, crafted in 9ct yellow gold.

Gold and ruby ring in shape of flower

Oval and cushion cuts are popular shapes for rubies, however you could opt for a more contemporary style such as these exclusive pear shaped created ruby studs, crafted in 9ct white gold for a fresh summer feel.

Pendant earrings with teardrop ruby stones

If rubies are a little out of your budget for a birthday gift, why not get the look with beautiful red cubic zirconia? This sterling silver pendant will certainly make a perfect birthday gift.

Pendant necklace with a ruby stone

If you have a friend or loved one whose birthday falls in July, or perhaps you’d like to channel ruby’s mystical properties yourself, visit Ernest Jones online or in store to discover more of our opulent rubies and who knows! Maybe a little summer romance will come your way…