Summer Wedding Season

Wedded Couple

Summer is definitely the “hottest” wedding season because that’s when more people are off and expect to travel. However, the biggest reason summer weddings are so popular is because it is hard to beat summer nights. The daylight lasts till late which gives you great flexibility in scheduling the ceremony time and the weather stays comfortable so you can have the outdoors wedding celebration of your dreams.

Choosing the right venue is the most time-consuming part of your wedding planning but a beautiful scenery and a natural landscape mean you can embrace your creativity, like have a romantic party under the stars or hang fairy lights and candles to help the event last longer and your photographer to capture the moment in a more fairy tale setting.

Summer Wedding settings

Floral availability is another big pro in favour of summer weddings. There are straight-from-the-garden flowers for every colour scheme and texture to choose from. Endless options, from pastel, rustic and romantic to bold and bright flower arrangements to go with every personality, that can make your wedding as perfect as you’re imaging it will be.

Summer Wedding Bouquets

Once you’ve chosen your floral colour palette, you can incorporate it with your bridal hairstyle. Accessorise your braids, curls, chignons or topknots with flower garlands or single blooms to achieve the perfect, trendy summer look.

Summer Wedding Hairstyles

June’s Birthstone is the classic pearl, elegant and full of class, this stunning shimmering stone is said to represent purity. Pearls have been used in jewellery for centuries – the ancient Greeks believed that they were created from the tears of Aphrodite, and that the stone has healing properties.

However, the thing you’ll have on you always to remind you of this magical day is your engagement and wedding ring. Our top engagement ring picks for this Summer are the followings and they are all exclusive to Ernest Jones, because an engagement ring should be as unique as you.

Wedding Rings

Featured Products: Vera Wang 18ct white gold 0.95CT diamond engagement ring £3,999 2607190; Tolkowsky 18ct White Gold 1ct I-I1 Diamond Halo Ring £4,499 2296365; Neil Lane 14ct white gold 1.16ct diamond cluster ring £3,999 9705414; Leo Diamond 18ct White Gold 0.50ct II1 Diamond Halo Ring £2,250 5513804;The Diamond Story 18ct White Gold 0.50ct Diamond Ring £2,999 1660977

If you have already got the engagement ring sorted, but are you still keen to infuse a touch of glamour into your bridal look, then our wedding jewellery picks are the perfect solution.

Wedding Jewellery

Featured Products: Leo Diamond 18ct white gold 0.40ct I I1 diamond earrings £1,699 3830012; Neil Lane Designs Silver 0.16ct Diamond Vintage Band £299 5113024; 18ct White Gold 0.25ct Diamond Wedding Band £999 6156924; Neil Lane Designs Silver 0.11ct Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant £350 5112966;Neil Lane Designs Sterling Silver 0.31ct Diamond Bangle £499 3419851

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