The Ruby Edit - July Birthstone

Ruby gemstone jewellery sitting with other coloured rings

With summer now in full season, we start to focus on our colourful and spirited wardrobes and all of the parties and events that we have planned with friends and family. June’s birthstone emerges with a full force of colour, following a fairly serene Pearl birthstone for May. The Ruby is one of the most iconic jewels, loved for its opulent red colour and certainly no stranger to royalty. Its depth and beauty has been associated with vitality, passion and love.

In those precious moments, the memory of the summer is all we have until it fades away and the leaves begin to fall. The power of jewellery, as it has been for centuries, is to act as a symbol for our most treasured memories. These newer jewellery pieces were crafted to celebrate all of those things that summer brings out within us, the warmer tones of colour, the bonds that keep us together and that closer relationship with nature that makes us forget the indoors.

The King of Stones

The word ruby comes from the Latin “rubeus” which is the name for red. The rosy colour is a result of trace amounts of chromium in the stone that give it its vibrancy. As with all gemstones, the red colour varies from brighter shades to deeper and darker tones. It’s a good idea to really see any Ruby jewellery much closer to find the right colour you want.

The Ruby is also exceptionally resistant to scratches, with a rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. A Diamond is the only other gemstone that can scratch a Ruby. With its hardness and colourful vitality in mind, is perhaps why the Ruby was coined “ratnaraj” or the king of stones in Sanskrit.

The Ruby’s Heritage

Rubies, along with Emeralds and Diamonds were some of the most sought after gemstones, even going as far back in Medieval times. Having being mentioned in the Bible and featured in the Queen’s crown jewels, it is clear that this is a gemstone that is regarded highly among royalty and nobility.

The Meaning of Ruby – The Colour of Passion

The deep colour of rubies has been associated with blood or lifeforce, which in more ancient times, led to people associating it with the energy of the body. But we also associate red with anger or danger – it’s clear that red is a colour that shows a heightened state of emotion that conveys powerful experiences and emotions.

The 40th wedding anniversary is known as the ruby anniversary and is a perfect opportunity to mark the special occasion, or to treat someone that was born in the month of July.

Ruby Ring by Le Vian

An image of a pave ruby ombre ring A triple row of ruby gemstones with gentle variation in its colour hues.

Ruby Pendants by Le Vian

ruby ombre pendant
An image of the diamond colour scales Made with carefully set Ombre detailing, these pendants show off delicate volume.

Ruby Bracelet by Le Vian

An image of the diamond colour scales Our stand out piece is a Strawberry Ombre bracelet by Le Vian, with beautiful gemstones that rise and fall in their colour hue.

Ruby Earrings by Le Vian

An image of the diamond colour scales Matching off with the bracelet above, these earrings are a perfect match, giving a clear note of glamour and poise.

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