Coloured diamond jewellery

Love Colour: Diamonds of the Rainbow

Whether you decide for red, yellow or blue, either way, the Love Colour collection is guaranteed to look good on you. Inspired by the resplendence of the rainbow, these dazzling diamonds are a sumptuous interpretation of contemporary style and a tribute to the joy of living.

25 August 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

Life doesn’t always have to be black and white; it can be colourful instead. So, in a post-pandemic world, revel in the happiness of living freely once again and breathe joy back into your outlook and your outfit courtesy of the Love Colour collection by Ernest Jones.

Fall in love with colour

Diamonds have always been an effortless and exquisite way to elevate your ensemble, but coloured diamonds are a whole new spectrum of splendour, making the Love Colour collection the perfect choice to overhaul your current wardrobe with. With life now finally back into the swing of things, coloured diamonds are ideal for infusing a pop of vibrancy into your ensemble – if you’re not quite ready to embrace head-to-toe vivacity just yet.

The Love Colour collection comprises of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings crafted in 9ct gold and enriched with those enchanting diamonds. Individually, each piece of demi-fine jewellery exudes elegance, but when combined, they create a visually striking display of dazzling decadence. Whether you prefer to stack, layer, mix and match or go solo, each item will shine bright either way.

Live life in colour

There will always be light at the end of each tunnel, so take comfort in knowing that even during the darkest of days, brighter, beautiful times are just around the corner. Fashion is often cyclical, with roaring ‘20s style now making a defiant and welcoming return, drawing inspiration from the original decade of decadence – the 1920s.

Victory for the Allied nations in World War 1 kick-started a period of prosperity and modernity in most of the Western world, with jazz music, dancing and the presence of flappers at its peak. Reflecting the sense of hope in the air, was the rise of glitz and glamour. Flamboyant dressing was a must when it came to mastering the art of dressing to impress, with finishing touches such as vivid, colourful jewellery an essential element of exuberant ensembles.

A century later, with the worst effects of Covid-19 now, hopefully, behind us, the world is ready for a revival. So, do away with the greys of your T-shirts and tracksuits, and immerse yourself in the pure opulence and optimism that coloured diamonds have to offer.

Colour as captivating as you

Whimsical and wonderful in equal measures, it comes as no surprise that there is simply no escaping the exuberance of coloured diamonds. Adorning the crème de la crème of the fashion world such as Lady Gaga and Blake Lively, the coloured diamond trend continues to go from strength to strength from the runway, the red carpet and beyond.

Both luxurious and in vogue, the Love Colour collection is perfect for self-gifting, empowering you with confidence that ensures you catch the eye everywhere you go. For a truly bold look, opt for a colour that reflects your personality to guarantee that your presence is seen and felt by everyone.

What do different colours symbolise?


Commonly associated with action, energy and love – along with good fortune in Chinese culture – there’s no resisting the pure power of red. Often used on warning signs, this vivacious hue means that nobody will be able to take their eyes off you. Undeniably passionate, red is the perfect choice for romantics and larger-than-life characters that take utmost pride in standing out from the crowd.


Evoking images of the sky and sea, blue represents bravery, adventure and freedom, making it the go-to shade for the free-spirited and courageous amongst us. Ideal for those willing to step out of their comfort zone, embrace the brilliant beauty of blue to ensure you make an unforgettable impression.


In almost every culture, yellow is considered the colour of the sun, signifying hope, enlightenment and warmth. Radiating happiness, optimism and calmness, yellow has never been more necessary than in this day and age, making it a must-have for your edit.

Celebrate life with Love Colour

Striking a perfect balance of style and substance, Love Colour by Ernest Jones reflects the brand’s progressive commitment to impeccable craftsmanship. Unrivalled in its quality, each exquisite necklace, ring, bracelet and pair of earrings in the range exudes unique beauty and positive energy, serving as a symbol of the light we need in life after lockdown. An uplifting choice for both day and night dressing, Love Colour is an ode to the pure joy of living. Shop the range at Ernest Jones both in store and online today.