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Make A Mark With Diamonds

From song titles to metaphors, there’s a reason why diamonds continue to inspire thanks to their incomparable beauty. The moment you adorn a loved one with a diamond is a moment that they will never forget, so make your mark with diamonds.

30 April 2021 Editor - Ernest Jones

Diamonds really are forever, from their eternal beauty to their never-ending ability to impress, so they will always be a reliable, dependable, and memorable choice to celebrate any occasion. From birthdays and graduations to proposals and the wedding day, diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate any milestone or special moment and will be cherished for years to come.

So why are diamonds so significant and when did they come to be associated with momentous occasions? Deriving from the Greek word adamas that translates to ‘unconquerable’, diamonds have historically been valued because of their strength and brilliance. Examples of this include functional purposes such as being used to cut tools and engrave metal, as well as their ability to refract light. However, it’s their unquestionably resplendent aesthetic, which is why diamonds have always caught the.

A history of diamonds

Thanks to their innate magnificence, diamonds have enchanted a plethora of ancient civilisations, from the Ancient Egyptians to whom they symbolised life, to the Ancient Greeks who believed they were shards of stars that had fallen from the skies.

Diamonds would continue their awe-inspiring journey through time, with Roman soldiers incorporating the stones into armour to provide strength and courage during battles, while relying on them spiritually to ward off evil and provide protection. However, it was during the time of the Roman Empire that diamond rings also took on a new meaning.

A symbol of love

Early forms of rings were made from twisted copper or braided hair, and traditionally worn on the fourth finger on the left hand as it was believed that a vein in this finger ran to the heart. It was thanks to Pope Innocent III in the 13th century that diamonds came to be associated with engagement rings.

Having declared a waiting period between betrothal and the wedding ceremony, rings were used to mark a couple’s devotion to each other during the interim period and ended up becoming a key element of the wedding ceremony.

However, diamonds were a rarity, making them the reserve of royalty and upper classes, with Archduke Maximilian of Austria’s proposal to Mary of Burgandy in 1477 recorded as one of the first occasions of a diamond wedding ring being presented.

Diamonds are for all

Since the 4th century, India was considered the main source of diamonds and thanks to the expansion of the Silk Road, diamonds were being traded across countries as far spread as China and Greece and became commonplace in Europe. While the precious stones were still considered the reserve of royalty – forming the basis of King Francois I of France’s Crown Jewels in 1530 – this soon changed in the 18th century, thanks to the discovery of diamonds in Brazil and South Africa.

With diamonds now widely available, it meant that their wonder and beauty could be shared amongst all. Cementing this view into the mainstream in 1947 was De Beer’s via its iconic ‘A diamond is forever’ advertising campaign that featured a diamond engagement ring.

The popularity and abundance of diamonds meant that they were no longer just reserved for royalty and engagements; the precious stones could be used to celebrate a host of different milestones.

A symbol of dazzling, decadent devotion

So, what kind of moments do diamonds say it best? There are many milestone moments associated with diamonds. The most obvious occasions are proposals because of the strength, beauty and brilliance the stones represent. Different sizes and cuts offer a distinctive take on diamonds, so whether you would prefer a pear, princess or oval, we have the perfect selection of rings.

Cluster rings are an eye-catching way to multiply the magnificence, as are halo rings, but the most classic style is a solitaire – one single, sparkling stone that captures your love in a truly exquisite manner.

Diamonds do make an appearance once again further down in your love story, with the stone being the symbol of 60th wedding anniversaries, which you can bestow in the form of a necklace or bracelet. However, any wedding anniversary can be used as an opportunity to express your ever-lasting devotion by presenting your loved one with a diamond eternity.

An heirloom that will be cherished forever

Diamonds aren’t just a symbol of romance; their precious status makes them a perfect choice as an heirloom to pass down through the generations.

Occasions such as birthdays and graduations serve as a special moment to inform children, siblings or any dear friend or relative just what they mean to you and how proud you are of them. Though diamonds typically evoke rings and necklaces, studs are a timeless interpretation of elegance, while hoops and huggies are a modern way to stack on the diamond.

Find the diamonds of your dreams

Whatever the occasion, diamonds will always be a memorable way to make a mark thanks to their innate luxury and dazzling aesthetic. Whether you choose to adorn yourself or loved one with the precious stones, you’re certain to find a stunning selection of diamonds in an array of styles, designs, and cuts at Ernest Jones online and in-store, so discover diamonds that will shine bright in your eyes, moment and mind forever.