The Aquamarine Edit - March Birthstone

It may not quite be here yet, but March’s birthstone takes us closer to spring, with a theme of balance continuing from Amethyst, February’s birthstone. As a quick reminder, the purple tone of Amethyst originates from a balance of passionate red and meditative blue. If Amethyst is the start of wanting to return balance after the harshness of winter, then Aquamarine is the natural continuation of that theme. Perhaps more interestingly, the colour tones of Aquamarine and its name are closely associated with water; the most vital element to making sure spring can happen at all.

History and Significance

Aquamarine can be considered to be a portmanteau of two Latin words; aqua and marina, meaning water and sea (or seawater) which firmly establishes its symbolic relationship with the power of water. As the light blue variety of the mineral Beryl, the hues of Aquamarine can vary, as with many gemstones, to include a very light blue or a light green and it’s important to keep this in mind when looking for jewellery as the hue of colour can vary.

In the past, Aquamarine was worn or kept with sailors who believed it endowed the power to keep them safe while travelling. Its relatively clear appearance perhaps also established its potency as a healing stone; protecting people from poisons and also giving courage, happiness and stillness.

The Importance of Colour

Today the turquoise colour of Aquamarine appears in places that wish to symbolise freshness, wellness and balance. This might be due to the nature of the base colours; the meditative nature of blue continues on from Amethyst, but instead is given a sharper accent with notes of yellow and freshness or natural quality with notes of green. With all three notes held in balance, the naturally calming nature of Aquamarine perhaps takes its reference from the natural balance of its colour bases.

Aquamarine Gemstone Properties

Besides its varying colour hue, another interesting quality of Aquamarine is its naturally high clarity. Aquamarine can be cut in a variety of different ways, similar to diamonds, either as round, princess, emerald with other fancy shapes as more special cases.

With Aquamarine’s lighter colour hues, particularly those that almost appear nearly colourless, make it much more conducive to reflecting light and making it a much more vibrant stone compared to other stones that are naturally more dark and deeper in their colours. Some stones may also be pleochronic; meaning that they show different colours when viewed from different angles.

Aquamarine Jewellery

One particular range of jewellery we’d like to highlight is our Aquamarine drop series that also feature diamonds within them. Diamonds accent Aquamarines very nicely, due to their naturally clear colours. The pear shaped Aquamarine stones also take after the water themes nicely as well, quite literally representing “drops” of water that make them ideal in this particular cut. Drop earrings in general are quite ornate and make for ideal evening wear or as a noticeable embellishment on birthdays or any other special occasion.

Aquamarine Rings

The theme of Diamonds and Aquamarines also extends to engagement rings. If your partner was born in March, this is an excellent gemstone choice and noticeably stands out compared to more traditional choices for engagement rings. A variety of styles are on display here, more noticeably cost-effective whilst many designs still retain Diamonds that distil the pieces with a luxurious feel.

Aquamarine Statement Pieces

With a refreshing and daring re-interpretation of traditional gemstones, we’d like to highlight Le Vian’s take on Aquamarine. While most other designs attempt to maintain a colour balance by utilising tones that complement each other, with Diamonds, White Gold and Aquamarine as the most common combination, these Le Vian pieces tend to take that in the opposite direction.

The signature Chocolate Diamonds that surround the Aquamarine pop the colour out rather than subduing it. The Vanilla Gold rings still maintain a natural synergy with the Chocolate Diamonds serving to creating accents, but the Honey Gold and Strawberry Gold variations definitely create a contrast with the centre stone, making it a very eye-catching and striking statement piece. We’d like to give a special mention to one of our best sellers: the Sea Blue Aquamarine ring. While some of the daintier Le Vian pieces can easily be worn as engagement rings, some of the more daring designs are suited as occasion-wear specialties, showing off a much more daring side to Aquamarine.

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