On-Trend Jewellery Box Essentials

On-Trend Jewellery Box Essentials

The most complete jewellery box contains beautiful fine jewellery designs suitable for every occasion. Here are the on-trend diamond jewellery pieces that will take you from daytime event to glittering evening party with confidence.

5th August 2019 Ernest Jones - Editor

Sparkling diamond jewellery is a deeply personal choice, but it is also important to select pieces that you will wear and treasure for years to come.

When curating your own beautiful jewellery collection, it is worth bearing in mind the occasions you may need to attend; parties, black-tie evening events, business meetings, jewellery for weddings or just a day spending time with friends and family. Your jewellery box essentials need to transition perfectly from day to night, as well as being on-trend, comfortable and effortlessly sophisticated.

To help you build the perfect diamond jewellery box, we’ve considered some of the biggest jewellery trends and the ways you can incorporate them into a timeless fine jewellery collection that’s all your own.

Daytime Jewellery Essentials

Hoop earrings have been worn for thousands of years, making them one of history’s most iconic jewellery designs. Fortunately for today’s jewellery lovers, the humble hoop is making a sartorial comeback with an incredible array of styles on offer. For daytime ease, a pair of simple sterling silver hoop earrings, a pair of 9ct or 18ct yellow gold hoops and a diamond-set pair are likely to be all you need to match every outfit.

The best daytime jewellery pieces should be about comfort, ease and sparkling simplicity, which is why we think no jewellery box should be without a diamond-set pendant. Choose from a heart or infinity shape pendant that reminds you of the special people in your life.

Special Occasion Jewellery

Whether you are going to a family wedding, christening or to the races, special occasion jewellery is about elevating an outfit with a touch of sophisticated glamour. A beautiful gemstone cocktail ring or a pair of diamond earrings are formal without being attention-grabbing, allowing you to feel your absolute best. You may also choose a refined diamond jewellery suite, consisting of a matching necklace and earrings, as these were some of the most scintillating stars of the 2019 and 2020 catwalks.

Sparkling Confidence at Work

Choose jewellery that inspires confidence for your next job interview or work presentation. Fill your jewellery box with exquisite pieces, like tactile pearl jewellery, diamond tennis bracelets and gemstone solitaire pendants that are both understated and sophisticated.

Transitional Diamond Jewels

Every beautiful jewellery box should contain a smattering of transitional jewels, designed to take you from daytime to night-time with ease. Scintillating diamond solitaire stud earrings look smart and sophisticated when worn alone but can become an on-trend treasure when clashed with other earrings, hoops and gemstones that snake up the ear.

The same can be said for radiant diamond stacking rings, tennis bracelets and bangles in mix-and-match shades of rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver. These easy to blend jewellery pieces will become your go-to items for long days and effortless changeovers.

Elegant Evening Jewellery

A party or black-tie event is an exciting occasion to wear the most dazzling diamond jewellery pieces in your collection. Take an on-trend step towards sensational 9ct and 18ct yellow gold with pieces that are reminiscent of 1970s glamour or choose 18ct white gold jewellery evocative of winter wonderlands for those Christmas occasions.

If you want to feel especially glamourous, opt for diamond eternity rings that add depth and sparkle to your existing diamond engagement ring and wedding ring suite. Trends also point to the fabulous hues of fancy coloured diamonds in shades of champagne, chocolate and cinnamon, for a twist on the classics.

Romantic Evening Jewellery

Jewellery that makes you feel fantastic and reminds you of special moments in time is essential for the ideal jewellery box. Sparkling diamond drop earrings, whether they are teardrop shaped or shoulder-skimming, will bounce light around your face creating a subtle, radiant glow. To give your collection an on-trend update, look for pear-shaped diamond ring designs that are beautifully lengthening on the finger, or consider a romantic rose gold jewellery set that radiates a warm pink in the light.

To find the perfect balance of trend-led fine jewellery that will be eternally radiant may take time as you of carefully collect. Fortunately, diamonds are some of the most timeless and ageless treasures on earth and their sparkle has the power to inspire both now and in the future.