Model wearing coloured rings

Springtime Splendour: The Joy Of Coloured Gemstones

Brighter, lighter days have arrived. Draw inspiration from the vibrant shades of spring by conjuring your very own chromatic style courtesy of gemstones. Stylish and spiritual in equal measure, there’s no better way to be in vogue than with our coveted coloured pieces.

19 April 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring symbolises rebirth, so how better to refresh your style by breathing new life into your collection with coloured gemstones? Currently reigning supreme on the runway, gemstones have been appreciated since antiquity thanks to their spiritual properties. Imagined in a range of different silhouettes ranging from vintage-inspired designs to contemporary interpretations of cocktail rings, not only will these pieces instantly transform your look, but they also boast the power to change your outlook too.

Everyday Elegance

Unquestionably sophisticated thanks to their clean, modern cut, these fashion-forward gemstones will effortlessly elevate ensembles. More than just aesthetically pleasing, the stones adorning these 9ct white and yellow gold pendants and rings boast a host of different spiritual properties too. Perfect for birthday gifting and certain to be appreciated by crystal-healing aficionados, just what can you expect from the different stones other than a sprightly pop of colour?


Amethyst is February's birthstone and is believed to protect and heal the soul. Offering the perfect balance of softness and strength, statement and subtle, this purple princess is without a doubt the royalty of the gemstone world.


The gemstone of opportunity, blue topaz is said to help clear the path to success and romance. Instantly soothing thanks to its cool hue, it makes total sense that wearing the stone alleviates stress while encouraging focus and aiding better communication.


Enjoying the reputation of an all-rounder, green amethyst is firmly rooted in nature – as emphasised by its glorious hue. Helping to strengthen spiritual serenity and self-esteem, it's also useful for bringing peace, harmony and stability to everyday life.


Lemon quartz isn’t just pretty; it’s known to reduce distractions, boost concentration and help open up the memory, making it a perfect


Considered the ‘grounding stone’ because of its earthy tone and connection with home, this purifying gem is powerful in many ways. From healing and detoxifying your spirit to amplifying positive energy, wear smokey quartz to let go of the past and welcome a new, stronger, better version of you.

Creative Colour

For those of you drawn to unusual styles and shapes that differ from the norm, look no further than to these elongated fancy cut gemstones that are equally impressive and intriguing. Presented in rings, drop earrings and pendant form, the 9ct white and yellow gold designs feature the best quality diamonds and semi-precious gemstones that come with their own unique colour and meaning - like the tension-relieving green onyx.

Vintage Vibrance

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco movement, this collection of rings, cluster earrings, bands and pendants showcases the beauty of baguette diamonds. Whether you’re wanting an alternative to traditional engagement and wedding rings or simply want to self-gift in standout fashion, these pieces demand attention. Crafted from 18ct white or yellow gold, the range harnesses the protective and passionate power of rubies; emeralds that represent loyalty and new beginnings, and sumptuous sapphires that are said to attract wealth and promote harmony and peace. Complete your masterclass in how to style coloured jewellery by adding the matching hoop earrings offered in 9ct white or yellow gold to your look.

Contemporary Cocktail Rings

The roaring ‘20s are back and how better to mark this new decade of decadence than with cocktail rings? A modern take on the ultimate symbol of the Prohibition era and ideal for social butterflies seeking to make a style statement at soirées, these bold pieces spotlight fancy cut gemstones that were made to catch the eye. Available in a host of different shapes and sizes, the 9ct white and yellow gold creations are enriched with embellishments that vary from the best quality diamonds to semi-precious gemstones including blue topaz, amethyst and joyous citrine that is believed to bring abundance and success into your life.

A Spectrum Of Splendour

From elongated pendants to captivating cocktail rings, discover our full range of coloured gemstone jewellery, visit us online or in-store today. You can also book a virtual appointment or personal shopping service with an in-store expert to enjoy a truly elevated shopping experience.