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swiss-made watch on table

Swiss-made Watches to Last you a Lifetime

Join us as we discuss all things Swiss-made watches; from how Swiss watches are built, to the true value prestige watches hold.

17 February 2021 EDITOR - ERNEST JONES

The craftsmanship, revered style and exceptional quality of a luxury watch is something that has been highly valued for hundreds of years. Their appeal continues to grow, and we are increasingly seeing our customers start to build, or aspire to build, collections of classic and contemporary timepieces, particularly Swiss-made watches.

Perhaps the most loved aspect of a well-made luxury watch, other than its obvious aesthetic appeal and timeless style, is its resilience. Looked after correctly, a prestige watch will last you a lifetime and beyond, bringing you countless years of enjoyment before becoming an emotive heirloom to be passed down to younger generations. In that respect, prestige watches are, without a doubt, a fabulous investment.

The Swiss watch appeal

Given their reputation as a horology powerhouse, you might be surprised to hear that Swiss-made watches weren’t always so revered. In fact, the early history of watchmaking was very much dominated by Germany, France and Britain, with Britain being the leading light in developments towards mechanical movements. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Swiss watchmakers really started to make a mark, but these days, the best Swiss watches are highly prized by collectors.

To understand why Swiss watches are famous, you only need to look at their rich history and the list of top brands that are either Swiss made, or that use Swiss movements, including the likes of Omega, Cartier, Breitling, TAG Heuer, and Longines. Today, top Swiss watches, particularly the meticulously handcrafted mechanical variety, are famed for their precision, are synonymous with luxury and are highly desirable as a result of an outstanding reputation for craftsmanship and innovation.

How are Swiss watches made?

Many Swiss watch brands command higher price tags, but it’s how Swiss watches are made that tends to justify that cost. From the movement to the case, luxury Swiss watches are built from the finest available materials and skilfully assembled by hand.

The use of such high-quality materials also enables watchmakers to repair any broken or damaged parts, giving them greater longevity and preventing as quick depreciation in value. Therefore, Swiss-made watches, as well as other equally well-made watches from brands like Bremont, are real lifetime investment pieces and can last for generations when properly maintained and regularly serviced.

We are often asked ‘What are the best Swiss watches?’ and really that comes down to available budget and personal preference. But all in all, if you’re looking for a watch that has been built with love and will last you a very long time, then most Swiss luxury watches are a safe bet. At Ernest Jones you’ll find a wide range of luxury watches for men and luxury watches for women, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Are Swiss-made watches a good investment?

Watches are a great emotional investment as they are an item that you’ll wear most days for many, many years. However, if you’re buying a new watch with the hope that it will maintain or increase in monetary value, there are several things to take into consideration. For a watch to increase in value, generally speaking, the demand for any particular model must outstrip supply. This situation may arise if a watchmaker halts production of a certain model or, perhaps more likely, the watch is made in small quantities or issued as a limited edition.

Limited production isn’t a guarantee that a watch will appreciate in value, but it does improve the odds. Watch manufacturers have long celebrated an event or marked an anniversary by issuing a limited-edition timepiece, so there’s usually quite a wide choice for an investor to consider.

Will a Swiss watch hold its value?

Whether or not a watch will retain, or even increase, its value is a question that we are asked regularly. Legendary stories, particularly of Swiss luxury watches selling at auction for astronomical sums are not uncommon. But usually, the provenance of a watch has a direct impact on its value, and its collectability is based on the passing of time – so in other words, the age of the timepiece itself.

Many watches, even those from world-renowned brands, will be unlikely to appreciate in value unless they are limited edition or become popular with collectors in years to come. However, watches from high-quality Swiss-made brands are very sought-after, so if you did decide to sell, you would likely find a willing buyer. It’s also worth remembering that for collectors, original packaging and paperwork will add value, so be sure to store such items away carefully.

If you are shopping for a watch that you are hoping will go up in value, do your research, find out how many pieces are being produced and how long the model has been available. If a limited edition is still widely available several years after it was first launched, it might indicate less demand in the future than a model that is obviously selling quite quickly. For example, many of the top Swiss watches that are produced in relatively small quantities will enjoy a reasonably high level of demand, but limited editions from German brand Glashütte Original and British brand Bremont are very much worthy of consideration too.

Swiss-made timepieces made to last:

Here we’ll take a look at some top-quality brands making true ‘with you forever’ timepieces.


Omega watches are exquisitely made and incredibly precise, so it’s no wonder that they are often seen on the wrist of royalty, Hollywood stars and horology enthusiasts worldwide, as well as being the watch of choice for 007, James Bond. Limited or special editions of the Speedmaster and Seamaster models have proven to be popular with collectors.

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Breitling is, without doubt, one of the most respected watch brands in the world and is a classic example of Swiss innovation and craftsmanship. Look out for limited editions of Navitimer, which is recognised as being ‘Breitling’s most famous watch’, and Aviator collections.

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TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer delivers the incredibly high levels of style, precision and performance that is expected from a luxury brand but at a slightly more accessible price point than other prestige watchmakers. The square-faced Monaco collection, originally made famous by Steve McQueen in the 1971 film ‘Le Mans’, and the Carrera models are perennial favourites.

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Undoubtedly helped by the Rolex association, Tudor has become a highly collectable watch brand. Not only do they offer classically stylish designs, but Tudor prides themselves on creating pieces that stand the test of time, making them true forever watches. Tudor is particularly well known for its range of diving watches, and the Black Bay collection is highly sought after.

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Shop Swiss-made watches with Ernest Jones

At Ernest Jones, we understand the importance of finding the perfect piece, and with so many eye-catching designs to choose from, we know that isn’t always easy. If the world of prestige watches is relatively new to you, then you’ll probably find our Watch Buyer’s Guide a useful point of reference. Or, if you have any questions or you’d like to discuss specific products or collections in more detail, book a complimentary in-store or virtual appointment with one of our dedicated experts, who’ll be happy to help.