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TAG Heuer Watches in 2020

From iconic milestones, to the launch of some incredible new watch series, it certainly has been a 2020 to remember in the world of TAG Heuer.

12 January 2021 EDITOR - ERNEST JONES

Whether it be the sporty Carrera line, or the stunningly refined Monaco series, TAG Heuer timepieces are synonymous with class. 2020 proved to be no different where TAG Heuer’s drive for exceptional quality is concerned, with the brand once again demonstrating why they are consistently front and centre when it comes to innovation, style, and design.

From iconic milestones, to the launch of some incredible new watch series, it certainly has been a 2020 to remember in the world of TAG Heuer. Join us as we take a look at some of the brand’s biggest moments throughout the year, or stick around as we talk to watch enthusiast Johann, founder of Instagram page @watchyouwearin.

TAG Heuer turns 160

2020 has been an incredible year for TAG Heuer as it celebrates its 160th birthday. From humble roots in Saint-Imer Switzerland, over the past one and a half centuries, the brand has gone on to establish itself as a market leader in Swiss-made, avant-garde watchmaking.

Throughout the decades, TAG Heuer has also solidified its status as experts in precision and accuracy through its association with the world of sport. The motto “Don’t crack under pressure” typifies the brands aesthetic and drive for perfection. TAG Heuer has constantly been at the forefront of technological advancement in watchmaking, breaking boundaries and innovating where others could not.

Forever chasing tomorrow

To celebrate its 160th birthday, in 2020, TAG Heuer relaunched the TAG Heuer Carrera line with its ‘Forever chasing tomorrow’ campaign, with the centrepiece of the campaign being the new Carrera Sport Chronograph.

Originally launched in 1963, the Carrera line is perfect for those individuals who are risk-takers, thrill-seekers, and speed fanatics. After all, this collection was designed to pay tribute to the most dangerous road race in the world – the Carrera Panamericana.

TAG Heuer Carrera 160th Anniversary watch

TAG Heuer Carrera 160th Anniversary Watch

The celebratory TAG Heuer Carrera 160th Anniversary watch boasts a 44mm fine-brushed, polished steel case with the brand’s signature Heuer 02 movement and special oscillating mass. Shop the stunning timepiece at Ernest Jones today.

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TAG Heuer according to the fans…

We spoke to Johann, mastermind behind popular watch enthusiasts Instagram page @watchyouwearin to get further insight into the popular TAG Heuer brand.

Hi Johann, tell us a bit about your Instagram channel and how you got started?

@watchyouwearin actually started in the most unusual of circumstances: waiting in a doctor’s office!

As I waited, I was contemplating a way to efficiently track which watches I used more often than others, and hopefully find a way to better rotate my use of each one. I first thought of a written watch logbook (boring), then Excel file (even more boring). It then occurred to me that a visual representation of what was on my wrist, plus the feature of always having it with me, would allow me to quickly glance at my usage and see which watch needed more attention. Instagram as the medium then became the easy choice!

Since @watchyouwearin was a public profile, it surprised me that others started following me, only to realize after that “watch IG profiles” were a thing. As connections through IG grew, so did my interest. I’ve made some new friends along the way too.

As my collection grew, how each piece would fit in with the rest became more important.

You’re passionate about watches, what do you look out for when buying a new watch?

Initially, I was just acquiring watches I liked, with no particular consideration other than looking for something I‘d enjoy wearing. As my collection grew, how each piece would fit in with the rest became more important.

How would this new addition be different from the others? What distinguished it in terms of design and use? In short, what distinctive qualities did a new watch need to have that would make me decide to use it for that day instead of something else, making each wearing experience unique and thus more enjoyable.

This then expanded my appreciation of each watch in my set, regardless of monetary value, as each one really presented something on its own to enjoy when I decided to put it on.

While heritage re-releases are cool... It’s nice to see new cases, dials, and overall design to match the revolutions in watchmaking engineering on the inside.

Tell us about some of your favourite trends from the world of watches in 2020

While heritage re-releases are cool, I’m really liking the new innovations in design that are coming out. These new expressions of creativity are something I’m really enjoying. It’s nice to see new cases, dials, and overall design to match the revolutions in watchmaking engineering on the inside.

Some notable ones include Zenith’s Defy collection. The angular design matched with the use of innovative materials such as carbon really define how far watchmaking has come in recent years.

Another one is Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle. The use of a new kind of steel, ethically sourced, reflects current values of modern society. It’s encased in a new, modern look, also using the most modern of manufacturing techniques.

Tudor’s Pelagos line, often overlooked for it’s more popular Black Bay sibling, packs a whole lot of innovation as well. The use of lightweight titanium makes it a true modern tool. Plus that bezel! The matter ceramic with the lume directly injected into it is a masterstroke.

If you could own 5 TAG Heuer watches, what would they be?

TAG Heuer Monaco Men's Black Leather Strap Watch

Do you need any more reasons to like the Monaco? This is probably the most distinctive of all of the Heuer designs, and whether you have one or not, there’s no denying t’s just cool. I guess it’s true – it’s hip to be square. (Did I mention it’s cool?)

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TAG Heuer Autavia Men's Brown Leather Strap Watch

Not just a pretty face, inside ticks the Heuer 02 – a column-wheel chronograph movement with a vertical clutch, plus a weekend-crushing 80-hour power reserve. I prefer the 12-hour bezel to the tachymeter version because those bold numbers just look so awesome.

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TAG Heuer Carrera Men's Black Leather Buckle Watch

This is what happens when a sport chronograph decides to get dressed up. This is definitely the “strong but silent type” in the TAG Heuer family.

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Limited Edition Carrera Skipper for HODINKEE

Regrets, I’ve had a few, and not getting this at retail is definitely one of them. A sombre design with a splash of bright colours, also in the perfect case size. If this was a monopusher, then it would be the coolest weekend chronograph, period.

TAG Heuer Connected Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

And lastly… I wouldn’t mind having a TAG Heuer Connected – Sometimes insensible is good. This is one of those times.

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TAG Heuer in the UK

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