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Bespoke Jewellery - Create your own jewellery & rings at Ernest Jones

25 December 2012

Ernest Jones is offering a bespoke jewellery service in which customers can create their own tailor made items. Here at Ernest Jones we appreciate that every jewellery purchase has its own special reason and meaning - whether it be for a special occasion, a loved one, or even a personal item of sentimental value - and therefore the slightest change can make the biggest of differences.

What is bespoke jewellery?

Our bespoke jewellery collection allows you to make custom selections for various aspects of your jewellery, in order to create a unique piece which reflects your personal style, purpose and budget. Ernest Jones offers the bespoke service for a number of different items, including bespoke rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and bangles. The personal choices include:

  • Size Select the ring size or necklace and bracelet length to ensure the best possible fit for the wearer
  • Metal Choose from sterling silver, 9 or 14 carat white gold and 9 or 14 carat yellow gold
  • Gems Select your stone; from opal to garnet, Ernest Jones caters for a wide variety of colours and budgets
  • And many more variations for you to choose from

Why should I get bespoke jewellery?

Bespoke jewellery can be shaped to your own vision, not only ensuring you get precisely what you want, but also that your item is unique to you. The service is ideal for precious items of jewellery you intend to treasure: a bespoke engagement ring gives a personal touch to a proposal, whilst a bespoke gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate a loved ones birthday.

How do I use the bespoke jewellery service?

Creating your bespoke product is simple, starting with a visit to the Ernest Jones website and selecting the bespoke jewellery option. We know that too much choice can be overwhelming, so we have organised the options into useful categories including birthstones, engraving, initials or simply item. From there simply select the item you want and start customising using the options available on the right hand side. An image of the product featuring your personal selections is available, meaning that you can experiment with ease until you find the perfect combination for you.

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