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Daisy Stack jewellery at Ernest Jones

03 June 2010

Ernest Jones is delighted to announce the arrival of this Spring's number one fashion accessory, Daisy Stack rings. Featuring a collection of sterling silver rings that can be mixed and matched to suit any style and taste, the Daisy range takes its inspiration from nature.

Colourful and exciting jewellery

A truly inspiring collection, you can choose between Daisy flower designs, petals, florals, rope rings and bright colours to give yourself a new look every day. You can be the designer of your own look with Daisy's modern, exciting, colourful, lovingly crafted jewellery. After all, why wear one ring when you can wear as many as you like?

Enter the Daisy Age

Distinctly English and with quirky designs that will appeal to all ages, Daisy features well over 150 different rings. Daisy jewellery was launched in 2009 with the launch of the stack ring line but Daisy itself was founded by Noel Boyd on the Portobello road in Notting Hill in 1972. Originally selling Mexican silver to the local community before expanding into national distribution Daisy eventually developed the Daisy stack ring collection.

Set yourself free

Discover a wonderful world of Daisy Stack rings now.