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Diamond bridal sets at Ernest Jones

14 May 2008

A perfect match?

A diamond bridal set is the perfect way to ensure that your wedding and engagement rings match and fit together perfectly. Guaranteeing comfort and style and avoiding the task of matching a wedding band to your engagement ring. Ernest Jones has recently expanded and improved our selection of diamond bridal sets, so whatever your taste, you will find something for you.

What is a bridal set?

Traditionally, you would buy your wedding ring and engagement rings separately. The bridal set, however, consists of specially selected diamonds set into a wedding band and engagement ring that are designed to fit perfectly together and to complement each other in style, diamond cut and design.
In a bridal set the engagement ring is always a cluster ring, which means that it features a stunning cluster of diamonds of the same or different cuts, grouped together to create the illusion of one big and beautiful stone. The wedding bands are also set with diamonds, meaning that the combination of the two rings together is totally dazzling.

More than meets the eye

There is more to a diamond bridal set than weddings. If you are going to break with tradition by buying the wedding rings in a set, why not go all the way and give a bridal set as an eternity ring, anniversary present or even buy one as an unusual cocktail ring.

Shapes, styles and design

At Ernest Jones, we have ensured that our range of bridal sets has something for everyone by stocking a variety of designs and materials so that you will be sure to find something that perfectly represents your partnership and love.
You can choose from diamond bridal sets in a range of carat weights (third carat, half carat, one carat) and in a range of styles from the traditional cluster to stunning vintage inspired designs. These are then set in a choice of metals, including yellow gold, the ever popular white gold and the modern, radiant and durable platinum.

Lasting trend

Bridal sets are a trend in wedding jewellery that is sure to last, so Ernest Jones offers a wide and varied selection for you to choose from.

Come and see our diamond bridal sets for yourself at Ernest Jones.
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