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Eternity rings…tell her you'd marry her all over again

Return to romance

It's a good time to be a woman! Romance is back in vogue, it's fashionable to be loved up and proud of it. And what better way for a man to express his love and commitment than with a statement-making eternity ring?

A brief history

The history of the eternity ring is closely related to that of the wedding ring — a circle of metal with no beginning or end, the perfect symbol of everlasting love. The first eternity rings date back to 2000 BC and the ancient Egyptians and were a simple plain band. Like the wedding ring, the eternity ring is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand. Whether it's worn between the engagement ring and wedding ring, above or below these, or indeed on the right hand, is entirely a matter of comfort and choice.

A modern eternity

Today's women are lucky — nowadays most eternity rings are set with precious stones, usually diamonds, although eternity rings set with emeralds, sapphires and rubies are equally stunning. The classic diamond eternity ring is either a half or a full circle of diamonds on a band of platinum, yellow or white gold. A three stone ring, also known as a Trilogy ring, has three diamonds to celebrate your past, your present and your future — the perfect choice for the not-so-hopeless romantic.

You'd marry her all over again

There are key occasions where nothing but an eternity ring will do. We've all seen the increasing trend for renewing wedding vows among celebs and it's catching on. Few people need two wedding rings so an eternity ring is a great alternative — and you don't need to be an A-lister to afford one at Ernest Jones. Fortunately for women, the adage that a year is an eternity in a marriage holds true — many couples celebrate their first anniversary with a diamond eternity ring! Celebrate a fifth anniversary with a sapphire and diamond eternity ring, a twentieth with an emerald and diamond eternity ring and a fortieth anniversary with a ruby and diamond eternity ring — and so on. Indulge her with an eternity ring on the anniversary of when you first met, the birth of a first child or, most importantly, just because you love her — and she loves diamonds.