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Personalised Jewellery at Ernest Jones

Ernest Jones has a wide range of jewellery that can be engraved with your special message, whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, christening or simply showing someone exactly how much you love them, engraved jewellery is an ideal gift.

Personalised jewellery

Personalising jewellery can make a strong impression. Whether you choose to add a personal message, gift wrapping or even go as far as engraving your gift, it will add to the impact and make the act of giving even more meaningful and memorable.

Say more with engraving

Engraving brings a whole new level of emotion to giving and ensures that the recipient will think of the occasion you are commemorating every time they wear or use their present. Pick your own message, from a small love poem to a simple date, to mark a special occasion. In fact the message can be as long as you want, so long as it fits on the gift.

Charming Pandora jewellery

Engraving a gift means that it will always be remembered and treasured, but this is not the only way to give a personalised gift. Pandora jewellery, for instance, is another magical way to give a personalised or commemorative gift. Choose from thousands of charms and beads in a massive range of styles and materials and build your own charm jewellery to suit the person that you are giving it to. You can also use Pandora jewellery to commemorate specific occasions such as a wedding, or christening or even just a memorable holiday.

Gifts for all occasions

Ernest Jones also features a wide range of other gifts that can be engraved, such as hipflasks, key rings, cufflinks, money clips, business card holders and much more.

Personal and meaningful

So, if you are looking to say a little bit more with your gift, you will find something personal and meaningful at Ernest Jones.

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