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11 August 2011

History of pocket watches

Pocket watches were developed in the 16th century before the wristwatch became popular following the World War 1. The chains on pocket watches were added in order for the timepiece to be attached to a waistcoat or belt loop. These days pocket watches are often given as a keepsake gift and Ernest Jones has a selection of pocket watches in different styles.

Types of pocket watches & accessories

There are two types of pocket watches, open face and hunter case pocket watches. An open face watch is a pocket watch without a protective metal case. Hunter cases are a spring hinged circular metal case or lid that covers the dial, protecting the timepiece from dust or getting scratched. There is also a type called a half hunter case, where the case has a glass panel at the centre displaying the dial. At Ernest Jones as well as a broad choice of watches, we also have a watch stand available and some of our pocket watches come with stylish leatherette cases.

On trend pocket watches

Antique pocket watches, once a keepsake item or family heirloom are now a sought after fashion item. The trend for gold and retro watch styles has been big this year and is going to stay for next season. Vintage pocket watches are a strong trend for both men and women, for women team yours with a pussy bow blouse and blazer. For men wear with blazer or classic three piece suit for a true vintage look.

Our favourite picks

Our range at Ernest Jones includes these classic styles.

  • Jean Pierre gold plated double hunter skeleton dial pocket watch.
  • Jean Pierre half hunter skeleton dial complete with chain and set in sterling silver.
  • Grants for Dalvey half hunter stainless steel pocket watch.

Watch brands at Ernest Jones

At Ernest Jones we pride ourselves on our relationships with some of the world's leading watch brands including Omega, Gucci and Tag Heuer. A timepiece whatever style you choose is a not just a watch it's a lifestyle choice. For information about our men's or ladies' watches or watch shopping in general then simply browse our watch buyer's guide.

Gifts at Ernest Jones

A pocket watch makes a great gift for a special birthday or even retirement. Remember to browse our sales & offers page for the latest offers on all our gifts, jewellery and watches.

Browse all pocket watches at Ernest Jones now.