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Ring sizes made easy at Ernest Jones

13 November 2008

Size matters

It is impossible to guess someone's ring size, but very important to get it right. Imagine trying to slide the ring onto her finger and it being too small? At Ernest Jones we do everything we can to ensure that you buy the right size ring. So if you don't know the right ring size, we offer a Ring Sizer Chart for you to download and compare so that you can be sure that you buy the right ring.

Downloadable ring size chart

To help you find your ring size, Ernest Jones supplies a ring size chart. Simple and easy to use, just follow the instructions to download and print the ring size chart. It is important to get the printing right, so the chart accurately represents true ring sizes. Once downloaded and printed all you have to do is take a ring that you or your partner, or the lucky recipient already own and compare it to the chart to find out the size.

Store finder

You could also take the ring to one of our many Ernest Jones stores around the country, where one of our fully trained members of staff will measure your finger and find the right size for you using an industry standard ring sizer. This is a series of metal rings that are placed over your fingers until one fits, indicating the correct size. Again, if you are purchasing the ring as a gift, try to get your hands on a ring that the recipient already owns and take that along to be measured.

Extra large or extra small

Most of our rings for ladies are available in sizes I to S and most of our men's rings are available in sizes P to Z. If you require a ring size outside of this range, visit your local Ernest Jones store and we will order one especially for you. Your ring may take several weeks to arrive. If you want your ring more urgently, it may be possible to have the ring you have chosen resized for you. Please note, however, that some rings cannot be resized because of their style. A member of staff will advise you which particular rings can be resized.

Changing your ring size

We want you to be happy with your purchase and for the recipient to be over the moon when they receive their gift, so please make sure that you use our ring sizes chart and get the right ring. Don't worry, however, if you get the size wrong. We will gladly replace your ring, unless it has been resized.

For more information, take a look at the Ernest Jones Ring Sizer Chart, or find a store with the Ernest Jones Store Finder.