Everything You Need To Know About Italian Gold

Italian artisans have been blending innovation, craftsmanship and tradition for generations to create fine jewellery that's still easy enough to wear all day, every day. Find everything you need to know about exquisite Italian gold below, including what makes it so special, why it’s worth the investment and most importantly, how you can tell it’s actually made in Italy.


If you’re forever searching for that seemingly elusive piece of high-polish gold jewellery that embodies sensuous yet understated elegance, read on. Here, we bring you the lowdown on everything you need to know about Italian gold, and why you’ll wear it now and for decades to come.

Italian Gold Heart Necklace

What does ‘Made in Italy’ mean?

Italian jewellery represents a mark of excellence, premium craftsmanship and a sense of style that’s internationally renowned. A ‘Made in Italy’ certification is a seal of approval of genuine, high-quality jewellery – as every piece in our collection proves.

Expect a wide range of beautiful everyday essentials that bit more special. Think sentimental heart lockets to mark meaningful moments, hoop earrings elevated with unique textures and chain necklaces that catch the light with a sparkle only Italian gold knows.

How can I tell if jewellery is made from Italian gold?

The prestigious ‘Made in Italy’ certification guarantees you’re making an investment in jewellery that is authentically Italian and meets the country’s superior standards. It’s issued only after a rigorous verification process, which includes the origin of materials, actual production on Italian soil and compliance with quality standards.

Italian Gold Hoop Earrings
Italian Gold Chain Necklaces

Why choose Italian gold?

Made by skilled artisans in the provinces of Valenza, Vicenza, Arezzo and Alessandria, Italian jewellery is rooted in history and tradition passed down from generation to generation. The rich heritage and expertise have endured; giving everything from earrings to necklaces a pedigree of luxury that goes well beyond an everyday accessory.

Italian Gold Bracelets

If you’re new to Italian gold, our in-store experts are always on hand with advice, style tips and insider knowledge to help get you started. Book an appointment for guidance on choosing a gift for you (or them) that's bound to be treasured forever.