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Jewellery & watch cleaning

The Ernest Jones jewellery cleaning range

When you have something you treasure you want to keep it looking as good as new. So we've teamed up with Brillante to offer the Ernest Jones jewellery cleaning range - a safe, all-in-one solution to cleaning, protecting and storing your jewellery and watches. This jewellery ceaning range is available to buy online.

Jewellery Mitt for Cleaning & Polishing

For diamonds, platinum, gold and silver jewellery and watches.

Our Jewellery Mitt is the latest in microfibre mitts, tested and used by some of the world's leading diamond merchants. Non-solvent, chemical and corrosive free, the mitt absorbs grease and removes dirt, resulting in a truly professional finish. And, its unique design provides storage and protection for your jewellery and watches.

Jewellery Cleaning Spray

For platinum, gold and silver jewellery and watches.

Our Jewellery Cleaning Spray removes residue resulting from wear or not completely removed by cleaning. Or use it with our Jewellery Mitt to clean larger items of silverware.

Note: Do not use on non-metalic watch straps or bracelets

Gold Jewellery Cleaner

Our Gold Jewellery Cleaner is a specialised intensive cleaner formulated to remove hard-to-reach dirt and grime from heavily tarnished gold jewellery. It can also be used on diamonds, precious stones and platinum jewellery.

White gold items are enchanced with rhodium plating, giving a highly reflective white surface. Over time, this surface may experience some loss of brightness. This is perfectly normal, especially with rings that receive more wear and tear. If you prefer the highly reflective rhodium finish, we advise that you have your white gold jewellery periodically rhodium plated.

Silver Jewellery Cleaner

For heavily tarnished silver jewellery, use our Silver Jewellery Cleaner – an intensive cleaner especially developed to remove hard-to-reach dirt and grime.

Caution: Do not use on emeralds, opals, corals, pearls, paste stones or costume jewellery. Care should be taken not to fully immerse jewellery with water soluble fixings.

Forming Jewellery Cleaner

For platinum gold and silver jewellery.

Our Forming Jewellery Cleaner is a non-abrasive forming powder designed to remove dirt and oils so that your jewellery stays sparkling. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and alcohol and ammonia free.

Note: Do not use on jewellery set with porous stones such as pearls opals, coral or cameos.

Wipes for Cleaning

For platinum, gold and silver jewellery and watches.

Our unique Wipes for Jewellery Cleaning have been specially formulated to remove residue from your jewellery and watches. They come in a handy container which is perfect for travel.

Free jewellery cleaning

We offer a complimentary cleaning service so that your jewellery looks as bright and exquisite as the day you bought it. Please ask a member of staff at your local Ernest Jones store for details.

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