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Ernest Jones is an official Le Vian® retailer.

The one thing that all Le Vian® collectors have in common is a passion for expertly crafted, unique and elegant jewellery. Steeped in tradition, Le Vian jewellery is thoroughly modern and innovative. Loved and collected by Hollywood's elite, including Hilary Swank, Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus and billionaire royals investing in high carat, couture statement pieces. Le Vian is a benchmark of design and quality in the jewellery world. Le Vian® is also the first choice of young couples, who are looking for a unique and romantic symbol of their love and the finest and most original jewellery in the world.

Le Vian® – World's Finest Jewellery

Le Vian® has been regarded as one of the world's finest jewellery houses since the 15th century. The LeVian family were originally asked to safeguard the legendary 186 carat Koh I Noor diamond, which is now the centrepiece of the British Royal family's crown jewels. From this auspicious beginning the family has built a reputation as jewellers of the highest calibre. This reputation has lasted over 500 years to the modern day.

Le Vian® Pioneering New Jewellery

In this time, Le Vian® has pioneered the use of Tanzanite and promotes innovative new jewellery effects and new materials for their jewellery. Highly influenced by nature and natural shapes, Le Vian® jewellery is instantly recognisable as unique, original and of the highest quality. Ever since 1780, Le Vian has produced elegant jewellery in floral motifs with invisible settings worked into gold or platinum jewelled petalled blossoms and gem studded leaves creating a timeless garden of Eden of glittering jewellery throughout history.

Le Vian® Jewellery Recent History

In 1950 Abdulrahim Ephraim LeVian emigrated from Persia and founded the American branch of the Le Vian® company. Instrumental in reviving the almost lost art of invisible settings and pursuing his passion for coloured gemstones, in particular turquoise, the Le Vian® brand resonated throughout the gemstone industry in the 1970's and created the desirable brand we know today.

Le Vian® Jewellery A Family Tradition

Eddie LeVian joined his father's company in 1978 and has since taken control of operations. He has continued the family tradition of using unique processes and creating innovative and timeless jewellery, while also entering into couture as the designer's jewellers of choice.

Le Vian® jewellery now ranks amongst the most desirable in the world, worn by celebrities and newly weds alike.

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Le Vian® – The Collection at Ernest Jones

The Le Vian® collection at Ernest Jones consists of a luxurious range of earrings, rings and pendants of a timeless and evocative quality, steeped in tradition and dripping luxury and indulgence.

Le Vian® Gemstones

The Le Vian® collection features a variety of jewellery set in 14ct white gold, yellow gold or Strawberry Gold® brand pink gold. The gemstones themselves include sumptuous Chocolate Pearls, the cool elegance of Sea Blue Aquamarine™, the scintillating and timeless luxury of white diamonds and the divine indulgence of Chocolate Diamonds®, which are rarer than white diamonds. Each design is unique, with every piece evoking the history and tradition of Le Vian®, whilst capturing the heart of 21st century fashion and design.

Chocolate Diamonds®

Traditionally, the value and desirability of a diamond has been based on its cut, colour, and clarity. The perception was that diamonds were most valuable when colourless, or were a rare colour such as pink or blue.

Beginning in 2000, Le Vian® created a campaign to brand certain brown diamonds with a dark, rich colour as Chocolate Diamonds®. As a result Le Vian® has been effective in developing a distinctive and luxurious collection under the name Chocolate Diamonds® and changing the way diamonds are used in jewellery.

Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are all natural colour, certified conflict free and mined using socially responsible and environmentally sustainable methods.

The Collection:

Le Vian® Chocolate Swirl Ring

A truly indulgent and glamorous ring dripping with Chocolate Diamonds® and striped with a dazzling line of white diamonds, cutting straight through the centre. Only for the truly self indulgent.

Le Vian Chocolate Diamond® Band Ring

Featuring the almost edible indulgence of Chocolate Diamonds® next to the timeless elegance of white diamonds this ring totals a stunning one and a half carats. This is a once in a life time statement of quality, desire and glamour for the woman of your dreams.

Le Vian Chocolate Diamond® Pendant and Ring Set

A perfect match, 14ct white gold set with chocolate and white diamonds in matching six sided design. Why say it once, when you can say it twice?

Le Vian® Sea Blue Aquamarine™ Jewellery

Dip into an ocean of glamour with this stunning one carat oval aquamarine ring set in 14ct white gold with diamond encrusted band and also a matching ring and pendant set. Truly cool Le Vian® elegance.

Indulge yourself in some true luxury now with the Le Vian® collection.

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Le Vian Bridal

The debut of the Chocolate Weddings™ Collection by Le Vian® Bridal™ ushers in a new chapter in Le Vian history. Explore the innovative new styles created for you, the bride of today. Each distinctive design features Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® and legendary attention to detail. Discover this multifaceted collection as you embark on your journey of love.

The Chocolate Wedding® Collection brings together the allure of natural color Chocolate Diamonds® with the flavours of 14K Vanilla Gold®, Honey Gold® and Strawberry Gold®.

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