The Craftsmanship of Our Diamond Brands

When you are searching for inspiration, it often comes down to finding those rare bits of spare time where you can quickly scan for the right thing that you or your partner would like, before quickly whisking away back to work, or back home and having to come back another day to begin the process all over again.
We do our very best to curate the best pieces for everyone, and our expertise lies in knowing which brands are doing well all around the world. These are our recommendations if you are looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, or an anniversary gift and hopefully with our help, you’ll have a clearer idea of what it is exactly that you are looking for.

The Luxury of Personal Design

If your partner has a unique style that features carefully picked wardrobes, statement jewellery pieces that convey their moods, or that they simply yearn for the glamour and the limelight, then our designer pieces are for those with more acquired tastes. Often worn by celebrities or those who work in the fashion industry themselves, designer rings are noteworthy for their opulence, elegance and creativity.

Vera Wang – The Authority of a Fashion Designer

Vera’s name has been so popular for so long that it’s become synonymous with its trademarks: lots of small diamonds, nature-inspired designs, and the sapphire underneath the centre stone as the signature flourish. The designs are nothing but luxury and showcase all of the more interesting shapes that diamonds can come in.

An Elegant Vera Wang Sapphire Engagement Ring
Vera Wang Engagement Ring Boxing

The attention to detail, as well as crafting luxurious textures is how people have come to know Vera Wang’s style. Each piece comes with a signature sapphire that sits just underneath the centre so you can recognise that it is an authentic Vera Wang piece.

Neil Lane – A Piece of Wearable Hollywood

Known to many in the Hollywood circles, and worn by Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron to name a few, the appeal of Neil Lane’s designs stem from their nature as statement pieces; they demand your attention. The ever-increasing popularity of the “halo” design allows many of the pieces an incredible texture. This also has an added benefit of accentuating more exotic diamond shapes. We’ve noticed that the pear-shaped Neil Lane engagement rings draw a lot of attention for a lot of people, perhaps due to its more exotic shape.

A popular Neil Lane Halo Engagement Ring
A ring shot with a Neil Lane Halo Cushion Cut

The theme of luxury rings lies in halo or pave styles where diamonds are placed wherever they can practically fit. An additional benefit to Neil Lane designs is that they are made with 14ct gold, which allows them to be more affordable compared to the higher end 18ct gold products.

Le Vian – Unapologetic Use of Colour

With their own signature precious jewels, known as Chocolate Diamonds, Peach Morganite and Blueberry Tanzanite, Le Vian extends the colour palette beyond the silver and gold that we are all accustomed to. Known for their extravagant shapes, explosive colour and extremely large centre stones, Le Vian has always been the premiere choice for celebrities, including Rihanna (who consistently proves to be a Le Vian lover), Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

An Iconic Le Vian Aquamarine Engagement Ring
A Strawberry Gold Le Vian Engagement Ring

As far as attention-grabbing statement pieces go, Le Vian is the one of the very best.

Who is it for?

Sometimes you need an ace up your sleeve, a piece for the birthday or anniversary that will blow everyone away. These designers are for those with a more glamorous taste and if you want to show you or your partner that you aren’t afraid of going that extra mile.

The Glint of Light

Everyone recognises a diamond first from its ability to reflect light brilliantly; the sparkle that draws the eye to that initial glint of light, and for some this exact science of extracting the optimal amount of light from a diamond is the most important thing of all.

Leo Diamond – Every Piece is Lighter

Sometimes all you need is a classic design, and you need it bright. Leo Diamonds are independently certified to be visibly brighter than other designs by using what jewellers call a “modified round brilliant cut” which in simple terms means it has been especially cut to maximise light potential. This is important because if a diamond is not cut perfectly, light will escape either through the bottom and will seem duller. Leo Diamonds are cut to maximise this natural brightness so that the maximum possible light

An Marquise Leo Diamond Engagement

Tolkowsky – The Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut

Another artisanal diamond cutter is Tolkowsky who essentially invented his own cut called “ideal cut” it offers more “brilliance, fire and scintillation” which refers to how the diamond appears when it moves. Have you noticed the rainbow-like, spectrum effect in diamonds when they move? Tolkowsky’s cuts maximise these tiny movements within the jewel, making many people just hold the ring and gently rock it back and forth, in order to see the beautiful movements inside.

A Tolkowsky Bridal Set

Tolkowsky’s famous “Ideal Cut” makes an interesting effect when viewed from the top with a loop, known as the “Hearts and Arrows” effect. (Image via Tolkowsky)

Who is it for?

Start thinking about these kinds of designers if you or your partner want the most for your money in terms of light performance; what jewellers often call “brilliance, fire and sparkle” which are just technical terms to describe a diamond’s ability to return light. They feature classic and time-tested designs, but with extra care given to the centre stones. These are perfect if your partner wants to proudly show off their new ring to everyone and loves classic designs.

Where do I start?

If you want to explore even further, check our Pinterest boards for inspiration, our specially picked Neil Lane and Le Vian boards, or return on home for more reading.