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Celebrate Your Story: A Ring From The Heart

Celebrate the unique beauty of your love story the way you want to. With the For You, By You: Design and Create a Ring service, you can build an engagement ring that will let you do this. To guide you on how to bring your dream to life, discover our helpful tips from the Ernest Jones experts.

17 February 2022 Editor - Ernest Jones

The soft click of a ring box. Heart thumping. The ‘yes’ and the clinks of champagne glasses that will shortly follow. As the ‘makers of memories’, we understand that jewellery is about marking moments, which is why it’s essential you celebrate a milestone as unforgettable as your engagement with the perfect ring.

From the smile that first caught your eye to the highs and lows that have brought you closer and made you stronger together, celebrate your story by creating a ring every bit as special as the one you love. With the For You, By You: Design and Create a Ring service, you can build the ideal engagement ring by selecting a stone (diamond or coloured gem), cut, style, setting and budget tailored to your needs. Available online or in store, you can expect to receive your handcrafted creation within four to six weeks. So, whether you want to honour the colour of their eyes or engrave a personal message that will remain a secret between the two of you, the creativity lies in your hands.

To help provide tips and guide you with the design process, we’ve turned to the Ernest Jones experts. Supervisors at our flagship stores, Elaine and Abbie both boast a wealth of experience, which they’re now sharing to help turn your ideal ring into a reality. From the appeal of bespoke jewellery to the importance of the 4Cs, here’s everything you need to know.

What do you find most interesting about bespoke jewellery?

For us, the most satisfying part of bespoke jewellery is being part of a couple's most important moments. Creating sentimental pieces that are undeniably romantic in gesture and meaning is a privilege to be involved with, so watching dreams come true with the help of our master craftsmen never gets old .

Why would you recommend designing your own ring over buying one already made?

Designing a ring allows you to celebrate the unique personalities of each couple, which pre-made pieces can’t quite achieve in the same way. A ring is a statement reflecting your personality, so a bespoke creation lets you to think about what your ring says about you.

Talk us through the design process work? For example, do customers go straight into it or do you have a consultation beforehand etc.

Generally, the For You, By You customers are looking for something specific that we want to help them with. Most decisions can be made in one or two visits, but we don't want clients to feel rushed, which is why we’re happy to host as many consultations necessary to help create the perfect piece.

What should a customer think about when choosing a particular ring style?

Think about its sentimental value and purpose. Does the design reflect a similar style the recipient has previously hinted that they like? Does the style hold particular value – for example, is it similar to their grandmother’s engagement ring that they have expressed their fondness for?

Also, without being too pragmatic, the practicalities of everyday life should be considered. For those with more hands-on lifestyles, lots of small claws might not be the best choice for long-term integrity.

What should a customer think about when deciding on budget?

We’d suggest that customers aren't too narrow with their budget when looking at the For You, By You range. Ideally, we would talk perfection first and price second. With precious gems, high quality diamonds and luxury metals – all created in the UK by master craftsmen – a healthy figure is appreciated.

Having said that, prices are more competitive than they have been, meaning that we can often create bespoke interpretations of pieces in store at a higher quality for the same price.

What should the customer think about when deciding on metal colour?

All designs are precious and sentimental – the emotion, time and thought that goes into each piece to celebrate the recipient is wonderful. That’s why we advise that the relationship between the recipient and the customer should be the guiding principle.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. For some recipients, the warm tones of rose gold or classic yellow gold echoes classic luxury and symbolises desire, but others may prefer the paler shades of white gold and platinum.

Other factors that can guide a decision include skin tone, everyday durability, and the importance of trend-led decisions. Something else to keep in mind is whether they recipient likes all of their jewellery to match, as they may prefer a metal that will pair with their existing pieces.

What should the customer think about when deciding on their stone or gemstone of choice?

Again, it all goes back to what best represents the statement this creation is making. Is there a connotation that a particular stone has that represents something important to the recipient?

For some people ‘diamonds are forever’ and so anything that isn't a diamond isn't an engagement ring.

However, some people would prefer the uniqueness of a statement colour in their piece. There are many reasons why people opt for gemstones. One example is how an emerald could be a nod to fiancée’s Irish heritage. For others, reflecting special gifts that already mark the couple’s journey may influence the decision. For example, if one of their first Christmas presents was an amethyst pendant that the recipient especially cherishes, the engagement ring could include an amethyst.

Before any final decisions are made, gemstones can be viewed in store or get a better idea of what the specific item looks like. Again, a myriad of factors can influence the 'right colour' including setting metal, skin tone and shape of stone. The 'right' choice for you may not be the 'right' choice for the next client.

What’s the most popular diamond cut and why?

Round is definitely the most popular, mainly because of its timeless beauty and how its brilliant faceting maximises sparkle. However, other styles are still favoured such as the pear and marquise as some people gravitate towards more unusual, contemporary cuts.

How important are the 4Cs when it comes to choosing your diamond?

The comparative features such as cut, clarity, colour and carat of individual diamonds are not always the most important factors when creating the perfect piece. However, our colourless diamonds have an eye clean clarity certificated by the pioneers of diamond grading, so the qualities we're referring to are already above where a lot of other options are. For some clients, having an exact grade is the most important influence in putting together their ring. Alternatively, others may think ‘bigger is better’, so may opt to prioritise colour and clarity for size and carat weight. We will always be happy to go into specific details with the client and advise where and when different factors should be prioritised to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the end result.

Which diamond cut is your favourite and why?

Abbie prefers a princess cut – a timeless beauty whilst still being a little bit different. Elaine would choose an oval as it combines the sparkle of a round brilliant with the statement impact of a fancy cut, resulting in perfectly understated elegance.

Talk us through settings, what are your tips/advice on what to go for?

When thinking about style, again, it depends on what best reflects the personality of the recipient.

One crucial bit of advice we will give however, is that regardless of style – be it a solitaire or a bolder look like a halo or a trilogy – opt for platinum, if possible. Platinum is hypoallergic, durable, wears better in the long run, and doesn’t need to be re-plated. Also, platinum’s natural white hue will maintain its shine, radiating sparkle.

What cut and setting would you suggest to a customer wanting something more unique?

With the For You, By You range, we can celebrate the more unusual shapes such as the dramatic asscher, the glamourous marquise and the romantic heart. All shapes are available to see in store, so we can explore the individual personality of each cut with the client and offer alternative suggestions.

If clients are wanting something particularly unique, we would probably recommend the full bespoke experience, rather than the For You, By You: Design and Create a Ring service.

What personal touches can be added to the ring?

To help make your creation truly yours, you can personalise it with extra touches such as engraving. This can include everything from initials, a date or a short hidden message under the setting that serves as a sweet, secretive detail that only you and your loved one know about .

Bring your creation to life

Now that you know what to consider, all that’s left for you to do is start creating. To build your dream engagement ring with the For You, By You: Design And Create A Ring service, you can use our simple-to-use digital tool or visit your local Ernest Jones store today.